Drupal 6 to 7 migrate_d2d UI and cck content types

I am trying to resurrect a small Drupal 6 website by upgrading to Drupal 7 using the migrate_d2d UI tools. The legacy Drupal 6 site has several content types which are cck-defined. In step 5 of the migrate_d2d UI process, the migration tools correctly recognize all the Drupal 6 content types, including those that are cck-defined, but in the Drupal 7 ‘Destination Type’ drop-down, I am only given a choice of Article, Basic page, Forum topic, Product, or Webform. (see screenshot) I do not know which one of these to choose, or if there is some way for my custom cck content types to appear in the drop-down.

What is the procedure for to migrating cck-defined content types? I do have the cck field migrate module installed and enabled, but have not done anything with it.

Thanks for any advice.

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