drupal 7 Can't to get value of field from taxonomy in inside view template

i have a view that display bunch of tasks. The task is a content type, one of its field is a reference to taxonomy called theme. The taxonomy theme has a field that reference to another taxonomy named subarea. The subarea taxonomy has field contains a color. I want to change the background of the view title as the color of the subarea. Because i am a beginner i don’t know how to achieve that. i could only start by override my view template. But i couldn’t load taxonomy term.

/* views-view-unformatted--aufgaben.tpl.php

   View reference field as a RELATIONSHIP:"field_task_themen" from taxonomy "Theme".
   Field from taxonomy "Theme" that reference to subarea taxonomy : field_tax_subarea_ref
   Field from subarea that store the color: field_tax_subarea_color 

 // static color works
    $color ="green";
<?php if (!empty($title)): ?>
    <h3 style='background-color: <php print $color; ?> '><?php $title;?>
<?php endif; ?>
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Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/3/feed