Drupal 7 Helps Scott & White Get Ready for the New Health Insurance Marketplace

Pixeldust Interactive is proud to announce the launch of the fully ACA-compliant Scott & White Health Plan website (SWHP.org). This nine-month website development project  was designed to provide Scott & White, a major Texas-based health insurance provider, with a user-friendly, multi-function website to comply with the provisions of the Affordable Care Act mandating access to the newly-created health insurance marketplace.

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The new Scott & White Health Plan site includes a main website and 10 sub-websites on a single Drupal 7 installation. Visitors to the site can browse through the various information and education pages provided by Scott & White, and then choose among Scott & White plans and the plans available on the health insurance marketplace (also called the health insurance exchange).

The Scott & White Health Plan website is a professional, easy-to-use  resource for comparing health insurance options, as well as a one-stop health insurance portal for SWHP members, employers, providers and agents/brokers.  It also offers a doctor and dentist finder app and lots of useful information about how health insurance works and about the changes to the health care system mandated by the ACA.

More than 200,000 Texans trust their health to the Scott & White Health Plan.  According to the Office of Public Insurance Counsel’s Guide to Texas HMO Quality: 2012, Scott & White Health Plan has the highest overall rating in the state of Texas, exceeding the national and Texas averages in six major categories, including comprehensive diabetes care.

The Scott & White Health Plan is integrated with Scott & White Healthcare, which allows for the implementation of innovative medical programs and 24/7 access to high-quality medical care and improved patient outcomes.

Scott & White Health Plan is the only insurer to provide Vital Care health and wellness programs for all members. Vital Care programs offer benefits including :

Vitality Coordinators – Nurses assigned to clinics to work with patients who have chronic conditions, focusing on patient and family education as well as making sure they get the care they need.

Diabetes Day – SWHP sponsors free local health events where SWHP members with diabetes can receive a free foot exam, eye exam, biometric tests and the like.

VitalBridges – SWHP members are contacted the day after they leave the hospital to see how they’re doing, to confirm discharge instructions and answer any questions.

Health Coaching – SWHP members have access to a personal health coach, who can assist you with any problems or questions you have.