Drupal 7 on Debian Stretch

Hello Drupal pros.

I am actually trying to automate the installation of Drupal into Debian, and I thought my work would be useful to the community.

This is done using Ansible and Drush.

Once installed, Drupal is served by Apache, with mod_security, clean URLs and rpaf.

Everything is proxied through nginx.

AppArmor is deployed as well, with nginx and Apache in enforce mode.

The database is built automatically, with PostgreSQL.

The reason I use nginx and not directly Apache is because I am using nginx on port 80 and 443 on the servers I am currently deploying this.

This can be deployed aside the Homebox project as well. For this reason too, the project is using the same hierarchy of YML configuration files.

I am not planning to pass too much time on this project. Still, this can be useful for some, so here the link:


Do not hesitate to come back to me if you have any suggestion.

Kind regards,

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