Drupal 7 site is always redirecting to a permanent address

Hi Everyone, I encountered a situation that is driving me crazy, so here the problem is:

I have a drupal site that needs update on the core and modules, but it is currently running on our live server, since my knowledge is limited with drupal, I would like to perform the update on a dev server first. So I copied all the files and databases and all that:

So on the dev server, I set up the httpd conf file to point something like example.local, and on my local machine, I added host file for that. but whenever I try to go to example.local, it will always redirect to example.com, I have also tried using other urls too, but always redirect example.com, so I am sure this isn’t a goDaddy issue. Since I didn’t develop the site, so I have no idea where I can change this redirect configuration

I have tried disable global redirect and redirect modules using drush, but didn’t work.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.. thanks!

Drupal version: 

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