Drupal 7 Views Block help

I inherited a Drupal 7 site with the following configuration

– Node Type A (NTA)
– Node Type B (NTB)
– Taxonomy C (TC)
– NTB has a term reference to TC – TRC.
– TC has a node reference to NTA – NRA.

I’m trying to create a View Block for NTA that will show all nodes of type NTB by connecting TRC and NRA.

I’ve gotten as far as:
– create View
– content type NTB
– turned off Page.  Turned on Block

Added the following Relationships
– Content: TRC
– (TRC) Taxonomy Term: NRA

Added the following Contextual Filters
– (NRA) Content: NID
– I’ve also tried just Content: NID by itself

Seems like it should work.  It doesn’t.

I know…  NTB should just reference NTA directly and this would solve the problem.  I’m just trying to create one Block View though and don’t want to mess with all the data in the site to accomplish it.

Any help would be appreciated !


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Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/22/feed