drupal 8.2.3

Release notes

Maintenance and security release of the Drupal 8 series.

This release fixes security vulnerabilities. Sites are urged to upgrade immediately after reading the notes below and the security announcement:

No other fixes are included.

Update instructions

Beginning with this release, packaged Drupal releases no longer contain development PHP libraries. See Drupal 8 will no longer include dev dependencies in release packages for more information.

No changes have been made to the .htaccess, web.config, robots.txt or default settings.php files in this release, so upgrading custom versions of those files is not necessary.

Known issues

See the list of the known issues for the 8.2.x branch. There are no known regressions in this release.

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drupal-8.2.3.tar.gz 11.57 MB 683ddc33077bb1f7cc795607d114144e
drupal-8.2.3.zip 18.97 MB d2419cb098450f5dbdca3dd904cb4323
Last updated: November 16, 2016 – 18:53
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The next patch release of Drupal 8 is ready for new development and use on production sites.
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