Drupal 8.4.0 Upgrade Problems

To begin, an admission: 1) I did not backup my site as I should have prior to installation of this upgrade. I have upgraded countless times before without issue, and felt confident this would be no different. I was wrong.

I run a website that uses the Business adaptive theme. This theme has a slideshow on the top of the main page. After the update, that slideshow no longer appeared.

I had a photo gallery that appeared as thumbnails on the side of various pages that, when you click on any of them, would expand into a ColorBox slide show. Those stopeed appearing entirely, let alone producing any form of slideshow.

I had a geo location map that appeared on various pages showing locations. That stopped appearing.

The admin toolbar stopped functioning.

The automatic expansion of any menus stopped functioning.

My site has been almost unusable for several days now as I have simply not had time for much but quick fixes… And I hoped that this would only require a quick fix. I also assumed that others would have similar issues, but I’m not seeing as many as I thought I would.

I investigated other themes, and those that featured slideshows on the main page appeared to have the same issues.

I really need some help, and so I’m reaching out in the hopes that something not involving massive changes of code or complex hacks can help me get back on my feet.


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