Drupal 8.5.1 cannot delete Bckground image … please read first …

I am a newbie on Drupal and sorry if I might have chosen the wrong site to post this – not sure.

I installed and configured Drupal 8.5.1, etc. – the usual …

Then I thought to add a background image and I wasted a couple of days trying to make a few Modules to do that!
I retraced my step back [I hoped] …. and I continued to do the rest, adding pages etc.

Then I decided to add some FOOTER text etc.

I created a ‘Custom Block’ – as you do [I guess!] and ‘Placed’ it into the ‘Footer First Container’.
Then I went to check and noticed there was an image ‘within’ the footer and that was the image I was trying to use as background !!!

So, I went to ‘Edit Custom Block’ to get rid of the image ‘I never’ added in the first place.

When I get there I can see a Thumbnail of my image [the one I tried to use as background] and NO remove button [please note, I already checked the Permissions are for Administrator, which logged in with].

Therefore I deleted the Footer Custom Block [i.e. NOT there any more – it does not exist – I also often use the Clear Cache too] and the footer was still there with the image shown on any page!!!

The STRANGE thing is that after I deleted the ‘added’ Custom Footer Block from the ‘Footer First Container’, it obviously disappear [the footer] and I went and created a custom block called ‘I DO NOT WANT THIS IMAGE’ with NOTHING in it and as soon as I create the page [not saved yet] I can see there is that blooming thumbnail with NO delete button!

So, I used the Browse – no file selected button to select something and then delete it – as the Delete buttons comes up, when I do that.

Nothing changes – I hoped it would reset whatever was causing it – yes, I keep clearing cache memory.

I also re-installed the modules:
Background Image
Background Images Formatter
Responsive Background Images Formatter

No change even thou there is nothing setup within those Modules!

I am now guessing that something must have happened to the Structure files [the ones you do not touch].

Where can I find this file within the structure or Core if it is there and manually compare my file withe original Drupal 8 file?

I am sorry for not being ‘wordly’ correct- I am a newbie of a certain age too.

I am sure some of you youngest or more expert, will direct me straight to the point.

My brain is completely fried now!
What do you suggest?


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