Drupal 8.5 updating/upgrading workflow

So let’s see if I have figured the Drupal/Composer work flow:

Given that using Update Manager and Composer are not the best idea on a production site.  Also since I’m on a shared server at a Hosting Company (HostGator) I can’t run composer on the same server as the production site.  Because of that I will have a Linux PC with Composer and Drush for development and testing.

On the Development PC:

  • install Drupal and modules with composer/drush to match the current production site.
  • import a copy of the production database
  • test to ensure the development site is working the same as the production site.
  • add Drupal and associated modules (install or upgrade) using composer and drush.
  • test the development environment to ensure upgrades/installs were successful.
  • FTP the files (except for settings.php) to the production environment

On the Production Server:

  • run update.php
  • test production site

What am I missing?


  1.   Where is the information kept so that Drupal knows what needs to be updated? 
  2.   If I have added modules or upgraded modules on the development server and enabled them with drush, will the modules be enabled on the production server once they have been ftp’d?
  3.  I assume that since I have not copied the development database back to the production server, new configuration changes (eg new rules for the Rules module) will need to be recreated in the production environment. 
Drupal version: 

Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/21/feed