Drupal 8 Feedback from a customer standpoint

At this point, I’m pretty darned disappointed.

It takes a long time to upload, install & configure without providing any benefits from the user standpoint (not developer – user). We have to sell this system to clients and it’s impossible to do without some pretty substantial benefits. Our clients are mostly mid-size companies (over a hundred) who are not willing to pay for completely custom solutions. They need something that is easy to learn and maintain and comes mostly out of the box with a little or moderate customization. They also usually need a fairly quick turnaround.

Drupal 8 core provides absolutely nothing that WordPress doesn’t out of the box, and the third party modules are not even close to ready. I’m not talking about little modules either, but things like CRM, ubercart or commerce. It’s been almost a year and We still will not be using Drupal 8 anytime soon. My guess, at this point, is likely never.

If the third party modules catch up and are fairly robust, maybe we’ll reconsider, but right now – Drupal 7 is still the only alternative to WordPress. I prefer Drupal 7 to WordPress, but for small sites, that’s what our clients want, and there’s no difference from a cost standpoint. We still focus on Drupal 7 for the store systems, and for CRM – things that WordPress isn’t good at.

But Drupal 8 isn’t good at these things either and it adds a whole lot more complexity that doesn’t provide any cost or business benefit. Even little things like update time (5 minutes for 7 core, 15 – 20 for 8 core) make a huge difference from a usability and maintenance cost point of view. And yes, for us the third party modules matter a great deal. If the main ones are not robust and cost effective, then it does us no good. We will go with the CMS that is most cost effective for us to implement for our client’s needs. They aren’t going to pay us anymore for a CMS that doesn’t offer them any extra advantages.

For us, Drupal 8 will be out of the question. There has to be a good business case for it, and this version was not designed with business in mind. It may be very nice from a technical standpoint, but there’s no new end-user functionality. From my perspective, the core should be pushed when the main third party modules are ready and live, not years before. It also disturbs me that now that 8 is out, 7 is not being developed. Many modules are just now within the last year or two ready for 7, when 6 has already been de-supported. That concerns me from a consumer perspective, and it doesn’t provide me with confidence for the future of Drupal.

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