Drupal 8 : force view display instead of default node display


I create new node (of content type “Fiche”).

With Pathauto, I made a new pattern for this content type (fiche/[node:nid]). So the URL is http://mysite/fiche/50.

When I display this content, I see the default drupal display with all my fields.

But, I created a new view (as a page, not as a block).

I set the path to “fiche/%”

And the my problem is I have a lot of difficulties to configure the contextual filter. I have seen many examples on the web. But none are working.

How can I do to REPLACE the default drupal display with a more elaborate view display ?

The only way I made it work is by setting the PATH AUTO pattern to fiche/[node:title].

-> http://mysite/fiche/my-new-page is displaying the default drupal view
-> http://mysite/fiche/50 is now display the CORRECT view display

I hope you understood my problem and that you can help me 🙂 I spent the entire day without any success 🙁

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Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/22/feed