Drupal 8, GIT, Mysql and a collaborative way to work, i need help

Hello everyone,

Hope i’am in the right section….

I am a junior developer and I work on a Drupal 8 project with two other people. None of us know Drupal really well.
We work locally on our computer Wamp / PhpStorm / browser and GIT as version manager.

I can not figure out how to work to several persons with each database.
For php and file management, GIT is ok, but knowing that the configuration is stored in base, as each developer works locally, how to pool our SQL produced in mysql?

To backup database, Backup and Migrate module seems to be a good solution, but how to deal with it and three developers.
How to mutualize it properly ?

Are there specific modules or ways of working that are simple to implement?

Thank you in advance for your enlightening answers! And sorry for my english 😉


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