Drupal 8 – How to change views block id and use it as Menu link?

I’ve views block with id=block-views-block-services-block-1 which I used it in the menu link.

The menu link is now shown as https://demo59.com/gb/#block-views-block-services-block-1

As you can see it’s really not looking nice with long hyphened words, is there any easy way to change it to something like this https://demo59.com/gb/#services

I read an answer for drupal7 where we need to edit the template.php and change the id. But in drupal 8 it seems that template.php are replaced with twig.html, I’m not very sure as I’m new to drupal.

Could anyone please explain few steps on how to do it.

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Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/3/feed