Drupal 8 – PHP upgrade questions…


I’m running Drupal 8 with PHP 5.6.38. I am on a VPS hosting other sites (within same company).

In the current server configuration – I cannot use a newer version of PHP (i.s. PHP7) until EasyApache4 is installed. Once that is installed – I can designate the php version – per site.

Regarding the install/upgrade I was told the following:
“fcgi isn’t available as a php handler, and that is the primary php handler in use at this time.  The options for ea4 are php-fpm or suphp.”

QUESTION 1: Would this (switching the php handler) affect my Drupal site?

QUESTION 2: If so – what are the work-arounds?

Apologies as I don’t know a lot about the inner-workings of servers.

Thanks for any answers & advice.

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