Drupal 8 – Service unavailable after migrating from local to host


I try to install a Drupal 8 website on an OVH shared hosting server. The installation seems to run fine, however after importing the database via Backup and Migrate and browsing the website for a while, the server crashes with a 500 Service Unavailable error.

Before another crash, I was able to reach the logs admin panel :

– I saw an error concerning the sites/default/files/config_* folder, stating that Drupal couldn’t write the .htaccess file in it. However, when inspecting this folder, the .htaccess was there…

As for the permissions, the /files folder and everything it contains is 775, except for this .htaccess, which is 464.

Unfortunately, the Apache logs available on OVH don’t help. This installation runs perfectly on several local machines configured with MAMP.

Has anyone encountered the same problem ? Thank you in advance !

Details :

Drupal 8.3

Apache 2.2
PHP 7.0
MySQL 5.6
Hosting : OVH Pro plan (shared hosting)

Drupal version: 

Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/1/feed