Drupal 8 Theme Development – Need help coming up with best solution

I am building a theme where each page is unique but not repeatable content. I have to use Drupal 8 based on client request. The content is not repeatable only header and footer. I was going to set it up by creating a region for each page and put blocks in each region that are custom. I feel like this might not be the best way.. but I do not know. I would welcome feedback or sources for the best option to build a theme. I went thru a town of youtube videos and articles but they all build websites based on the content being repeatable like a grid or blog type page. An example website I have provided for reference for what I am talking about. In this website “https://www.thefoodgroup.com/” the homepage and the about page have a custom format and not repeatable content like all the drupal examples themes. 

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Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/3/feed