Drupal 8 translation of list (text) values in views

I am new do Drupal. I am testing out Drupal 8’s multilingual capabilities.

I created a new content type with a field of type List (text) and a field of type Text. I have provided a translation for the text field, and switching language works fine when displaying it in a view. I have also entered a translation for the list field values, but those do not change when changing language. How do I get them to display in the selected language? I did set the Rendering Language to “Interface text language selected for the page”. I don’t see an option to make field values render in the selected language, but it’s working fine for text fields. I cannot figure out why it does not work for list values.

I have searched the drupal site for “view list value translation” (without quotes), and couldn’t find a topic that seemed to answer my question (on the first page at least, there were 860612 results). There seems to be no way to search a specific forum only?

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Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/30/feed