Drupal 8 – Twig – drupal_view – No results on other language

I have a complete web site in English and I am adding a new language.

In the template I have included blocks of views by using “drupal_view”

Ej1): {{drupal_view ( ‘research_departments’, ‘block_1’, node.id, currentLanguage)}}
Ej2): {{drupal_view ( ‘research_departments’, ‘block_1’, node.id)}}

In the English version the content is perfectly displayed, but in the Spanish version nothing is shown (neither in this view ( “research departments”) nor for the restro of views that have blocks in this way (drupal_view (…..) )

I am filtering the contents through “Filter criteria” (Ej2) and I have also tried to filter it through “Contextual filters” (Ej1)


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Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/30/feed