Drupal autopost to facebook and twitter – social sites

What is you want to automatically post your drupal nodes to social media and social networking sites like facebook, twitter, Google Plus , linkedin etc.  There are some options available which i am trying to cover in the post below

  • Facebook AutoPost Module — Facebook autopost allows you to configure your site to automatically post to a user’s Timeline (configuring the privacy) or to a Facebook Page without human intervention. No tricky configuration needed. See video below

​ the module does much more than just post the nodes on facebook. 

  • Drupal has modules like action, rules, event, these modules can be used to create your autoposting feature in case you dont want to use the contributed module, you can configure it yourself. See this link to find out how to configure facebook autopost for drupal. 
  • For Twitter – The Twitter module,  offers API integration with Twitter. If you need to post or import tweets from within Drupal, then this module is for you. It also comes with three sub-modules: Twitter Actions, Twitter Post and Twitter Signin. Some screenshots and details on this page
  • External service like http://twitterfeed.com/ can also be used for posting to facebook, linkedin and twitter. 
  • Publish away — Publish Away allows you to publish your content in real time on social networks. Publish your content (on adding / updating) on your Facebook (page / timeline) or Twitter.
  • This post is awesome if you want to post updates to many social networking sites like twitter, facebook, linked. 

If you know more such tools, do comment here, to help everyone. 


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