Drupal Coin Cryptocurrency Token Discussion. A coin to support the Drupal ecosystem…

Throwing this idea out there for discussion.

I think the Drupal ecosystem would benefit greatly if it had it’s own cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. The coin’s main purpose is to reward existing drupal developers and others that contribute to the community. The coin’s value is derived from devs or agencies accepting it for support or development. The idea is to create a medium of exchange within our own drupal ecosystem that feeds itself and helps it grow by creating a token of “drupal” value.

As for the distribution aspect of this coin, it would be based on the activity of the drupal users profile or some other metric we’d have to brainstorm. Contributors would be rewarded more than non-contributors obviously.

Possible distribution models:

– Large distributions to drupal agencies that redistribute to their devs.
– Distribute some based on drupal profile activity / posts
– Drupal Stack exchange distribution based on user activity
– # of commits to drupal for modules
– Local Community organizers
– Drupal coin tipping

The idea is to create a network effect with the drupal coin and let it run on its own. Distribution of this will be tricky part.


Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/2/feed