drupal commerce – is there is quick setup available

Other than Commerce Kickstart, which goes too far, is there a drupal commerce installation of some sort available, with a preconfigured basic store, that can be integrated into an existing drupal website?

My qualm with Commerce Kickstart is that it is intended to create a “store” web site, that is basically all store, and less a drupal website. Commerce Kickstart also totally mangles the administration ui of Drupal in a way that makes life difficult for anyone developing a drupal website in which commerce is a feature, and not the entire website.

It is clear that installing just the raw drupal commerce modules is so skeletonized that potentially months of effort are required just to setup a basic store. What would really be helpful to real world drupalers is a profile or something with just the basic store, that could be integrated with a larger more general drupal installation, without going as far as Commerce Kickstart does to obliterate much of the access to underlying standard Drupal environment.

Does such a packaged installation of the drupal commerce back end exist?

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