Drupal Consul

A Drupal distribution aimed to provide an open citizenship participation platform. It has been greatly inspired in the Ruby based application Consul. This has been implemented as an alternative that can be easily integrated with Drupal contributed modules and PHP based libraries through composer, as well as to leverage the inherent SOA of Drupal.

The following features has been implemented:

A space for everyone to create a citizens’ proposal and seek supports. Proposals which reach to enough supports will be voted and so, together we can decide the issues that matter to us.

Participatory budgeting
Participatory budgets allow citizens to propose and decide directly how to spend part of the budget, with monitoring and rigorous evaluation of proposals by the institution. Maximum effectiveness and control with satisfaction for everyone.

Secure voting system for citizen proposals and enquiries from the institution. Everyone can decide easily on the most important issues from their phones.

Collaborative Legislation
Any legislative text can be shared with the public to receive comments on any particular part of it. The comments are associated with the discussed parts using a color code, which allows an easy visualization of improvable parts. It also enables the creation of related debates previous to the text drafting, for better subsequent development.

Source: https://drupal.org/project/project_distribution/feed/all