Drupal contribution pain points: we need your feedback!

Since its inception, the Drupal Community Working Group (CWG) has dealt with numerous issues related to contributor frustration and burnout. While disagreements are an inevitable (and sometimes desirable) part of the software development process, failure to resolve them in a positive and constructive way can lead to lingering frustrations that undermine people’s ability to work together. Sometimes, these frustrations have even boiled over into personal attacks on other contributors and other members of the community.

The Drupal 8 development cycle in particular resulted in an increased number of reported issues that threatened to undermine morale and productivity within the core development community. We are concerned that if the root causes of these kinds of issues remain unaddressed, they will continue to surface and ultimately result in fewer people who are motivated to contribute to the Drupal project.

In an effort to make the contribution experience as positive as possible for everyone, we are conducting a survey of Drupal contributors to help identify some of the sources of frustration and to gather input on how it can be mitigated in order to keep contributors happier (and to reduce the number of reports to the CWG). The results of this survey will help inform the development of resources designed to help future contributors deal with frustration and burnout.

We are not looking to solve technical issues, rather issues to do with working with other people. We want to better understand things like the scope of burnout during the Drupal 8 development cycle, what kinds of social barriers may exist to communication in the contributor community, and what kinds of organisational changes people feel should be made to improve the contributor experience.

We are accepting survey responses now until June 13. Our goal is to share the results of this survey and initial recommendations at DrupalCon Dublin in September. We would like as many Drupal contributors as possible to take this survey, so please do pass on the word!

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