Drupal Developer for Nonprofit Projects at Giant Rabbit, LLC (Berkeley, CA)

We’re looking for a Drupal developer to help us build web sites for the good guys.

Giant Rabbit is a 14-person consulting outfit that works with nonprofit organizations all over the world. We need a versatile developer to help us build and support Drupal websites for a wide range of nonprofit organizations, from environmental protection and stewardship through social justice to arts and education and yes, even quilting and telecommunications standards.

Our office is small and our client list is large, so our developers work on a variety of projects and are constantly encountering new challenges. Our projects are planned, budgeted, and built collaboratively.

Our work is mission-focused: our goal is always to do what is actually best for our clients.

About You

We need a developer who has real-world experience with web development, with some solid Drupal experience along the way.

  • You can structure and develop a Drupal site from the ground up.
  • You can turn a design into a responsive theme
  • You’re comfortable administering and configuring Drupal through the GUI–and you can set things up to make it easy for client administrators to do the same.
  • You know how (and when) to code a new module if you need one.
  • You build to last. We stick around to maintain the sites we build, so they’d better be good!

Here are some other things that would be helpful:

  • You’re good at using javascript to make things pretty and functional for the end user.
  • You’ve worked integrating Drupal with third-party APIs like Salesforce.
  • You’ve spent some time in the wild running your own projects or wrangling your own clients.

About Us

We work collaboratively and build our business practices from within. This is a good place for developers with opinions: anyone who works here is encouraged to jump into the discussion about our practices in general and our work on a specific project in particular, because that’s how we get better at what we do.

We always have multiple projects going at once and we’re always fielding new client requests, so it’s important that you enjoy an environment where you’ll be working on several different sites at once. That said, we don’t expect you to do the impossible. We understand you’ve only got forty hours in your week, and your colleagues will work with you to balance and triage your workload.

Work-life balance has always been a central tenet of work at Giant Rabbit. 

  • We’re serious about a 40-hour work week, with no overtime required ever. (And yes, that means we need to be realistic with our clients about when things will get done, but that’s good for everybody.)
  • We work two days a week at our Berkeley office, with the option to work remotely for the other three. 
  • We foster an office culture of accommodation for art, travel, and family (including supportive parental leave policies). 
  • We make time in our schedule for supporting each other and for learning new things–even when we’re busy.

We welcome candidates with diverse backgrounds, our office is over a bakery, and the people who work here are seriously fantastic folks to work with every day.


If you’re interested, drop us a line at [email protected] Please send a resume, a note about why the job appeals to you and why you would be a good fit, and your current favorite Drupal module. If we’re interested, we’ll get in touch. Please note: candidates need to reside (or plan to reside) in the SF Bay Area; while we do work from home 3 days a week, our 2 office days are important, too.

We don’t require a degree (we have developers with CS degrees and developers without), and we don’t have “X years of this, Y years of that” requirements. If you think you can do this job, you’re welcome to apply. We’re happy to answer any questions so please feel free to contact us directly.

Source: http://stackoverflow.com/jobs/feed?tags=drupal

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