yg_business_plus is a nice theme to quickly spin up business websites. Other good thing is they have ready made site available at https://www.dropbox.com/s/100k475huh1ca0o/yg_business_plus.zip?dl=0 to demonstrate the theme. It is preconfigured with paragraph module. But unfortunately it is not an install profile. The aim of this[…]

Getting Started with HTTP/2: Part 1

HTTP/2 has some really amazing changes to the way web sites and applications can be built. A year and a half after becoming published, almost 10% of websites support HTTP/2. It has definitely had notable adoption, but the conversation should be pushed further for front-end developers on[…]

Drupal Developer at Johnson & Johnson EMEA Development Center (University of Limerick, Ireland)

The Opportunity       :           Drupal Web Developer The Johnson and Johnson, EMEA Development Centre, are currently seeking Drupal Developers to join our team. We develop, design and deliver high quality business applications, software solutions and services to meet J&J business technology requirements. The offices are newly[…]

Drupal Global Trainig Day Omsk #3

Start:  2016-09-10 10:30 – 15:00 Asia/Omsk Organizers:  adcillc paych Event type:  Training (free or commercial) drupal-omsk.timepad.ru/event/360107 We know Drupal and we take care to spread the word about it. We build our careers and business with Drupal, we implement that magical drop into different technologies’[…]

Why You Should be Parallel Prototyping

So you heard that your UX team prototypes — but are they doing it right? In this article, I’ll give a quick intro to prototyping, and then delve into the differences between iterative prototyping and parallel prototyping. Prototyping — just another design buzzword? Prototyping allows designers and engineers to[…]