Showcase Lite

Showcase Lite is a free mobile-first, Bootstrap 3 based theme for Drupal 8, based on our popular Premium Showcase+ theme distribution, which helps you create great looking business and product/service portfolio sites. Showcase Lite is supported by More than (just) Themes, as part of our[…]

cod 7.x-2.0-beta6

Release notes This is an incremental release for COD to update contributed modules (Drupal 7.54 core, cod_support 2.0-beta4) Security updates since 7.x-2.0-beta5: Better Exposed Filters 3.4 (SECURITY UPDATE) oAuth 3.4 (SECURITY UPDATE) title 1.0-alpha 9 (SECURITY UPDATE) Changes since COD 7.x-2.0-beta5: #2791177, #2791483 by japerry:[…]


This D7 Distribution Project aims, like many others, to provide a baseline starting point for getting a site up and running quickly: with community contributed D7 modules to enhance Drupal core, with community contributed D7 themes to provide flexibilty with custom themes (in development –[…]

Comic Relief Campaign

A Drupal 8 distribution for building engaging fundraising websites, maintained by Comic Relief ## Getting started To get started, simply follow the instructions in the [Installation guide](docs/ to get the Campaign website running on an environment. ## Contributing Think about contributing? That’s great, but please[…]


Explore the powerful Drupal 8 solution for advanced site building and easy content management! RedACTO distribution consists of the current Drupal 8 functionality, built-in plugins and pre-defined content types implemented through paragraphs module, and Bootstrap 4 theme that takes care of the appearance of the[…]


Drutopia is a distribution of Drupal that is developed and supported by the Drutopia initiative. Development of Drutopia happens on GitLab and is mirrored here. Source:

openy 8.x-0.1

Release notes Initial release of Open Y Distribution: Features – Flexible and decoupled YMCA content structure – Customizable theme for YMCA brand – Media management – User guide & tour around distribution – Optional demo content Additional details Download Size md5 hash openy-8.x-0.1-core.tar.gz 65.45[…]

wetkit_core 7.x-4.20

Download Size md5 hash wetkit_core-7.x-4.20.tar.gz 46.02 KB e38109eda215c6b3ef08efb9507600ad 64.38 KB 171ed0a27df54deed0edaa8b8406de73 Last updated: 17 Apr 2018 at 00:13 UTC Release notes CHANGELOG See the file. Update / Release Cycle The 4.x branch is now currently the recommended branch for use in production websites.[…]

Drupal Consul

A Drupal distribution aimed to provide an open citizenship participation platform. It has been greatly inspired in the Ruby based application Consul. This has been implemented as an alternative that can be easily integrated with Drupal contributed modules and PHP based libraries through composer, as[…]


OpenDomus er et open source projekt baseret på Drupal 7. Det er en dansk Drupal distribution specielt rettet mod andelsboligforeninger i Danmark. Projektet sætter en komplet hjemmeside op med et tilhørende socialt intranet med fokus på brugervenlighed. I OpenDomus kan bestyrelsen og beboerne arbejde sammen[…]

Issue 250

Issue 250 – July, 28th 2016 From Our Sponsor If you’re not selling support and maintenance plans to your clients, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG! The vast majority of Drupal shops and freelancers build sites and move on without offering a support and maintenance plan. Are[…]

Issue 249

Issue 249 – July, 21st 2016 From Our Sponsor Troubleshoot web performance issues and delight users everywhere. When a website doesn’t perform, it not only leads to complaints and fewer conversions, but also a loss in revenue and damage to a company’s brand and reputation.[…]