Hosting SSL

Good moorning We have publish an articule in SSL and Google: It seems that Google have been hard with the issue of secure connections and have already announced that its popular Chrome browser, mark as unsafe Webs that do not have an SSL security certificate[…]

Chaining DNS Entries

Warning: geeky network admin post I see a clear trend of marketing groups taking over full responsibility for their organization’s digital presence. This includes maintaining various publishing systems such as the web content management system and running the website hosting infrastructure. Once you go down[…]

Who sponsors Drupal development?

There exist millions of Open Source projects today, but many of them aren’t sustainable. Scaling Open Source projects in a sustainable manner is difficult. A prime example is OpenSSL, which plays a critical role in securing the internet. Despite its importance, the entire OpenSSL development[…]

PHP : ParseError : unexpected 'alleud' (T_STRING), expecting ',' or ')' in php_eval() … modules/php/php.module

Hello Some problem as I move a D7.56 site to another hosting. On all pages, excep admin page : PHP error : ParseError : syntax error, unexpected ‘alleud’ (T_STRING), expecting ‘,’ or ‘)’ dans php_eval() (ligne 1 dans /home/o2sw01/ : eval()’d code). (‘alleud’ is a part of my city : Braine-l’Alleud[…]

Hosting advice

Hello, I wish to gain some experience of Drupal 8 by creating a simple low-traffic website hosted by an external provider. I have read various comments regarding possible problems with ‘free’ hosting services but wonder if anyone is using Byet Internet Services? Their free hosting[…]