PHP : ParseError : unexpected 'alleud' (T_STRING), expecting ',' or ')' in php_eval() … modules/php/php.module

Hello Some problem as I move a D7.56 site to another hosting. On all pages, excep admin page : PHP error : ParseError : syntax error, unexpected ‘alleud’ (T_STRING), expecting ‘,’ or ‘)’ dans php_eval() (ligne 1 dans /home/o2sw01/ : eval()’d code). (‘alleud’ is a part of my city : Braine-l’Alleud[…]

Hosting advice

Hello, I wish to gain some experience of Drupal 8 by creating a simple low-traffic website hosted by an external provider. I have read various comments regarding possible problems with ‘free’ hosting services but wonder if anyone is using Byet Internet Services? Their free hosting[…]

Issue 254

Issue 254 – August, 25th 2016 From Our Sponsor Everything You Need to Know About Drupal 8.2 and Beyond In this webinar, Angie “webchick” Byron and Gábor Hojtsy will provide an overview, status update, and roadmap on the Drupal 8 strategic initiatives such as Workflow,[…]

I have a developer using drupal to host a site they created. The user received an email informing them there were updates available. The URL in the email is not the site the developer is working on and different than emails received in the past.[…]

hosting 7.x-3.7

Release notes See the full release notes at: Fixes Hosting – Less Critical -Access bypass – SA-CONTRIB-2016-046 Download Size md5 hash hosting-7.x-3.7.tar.gz 222.78 KB a82764260de031e0aa321116a55f66d0 319.33 KB fc7fe2e49a87850388e3dacc9a5ba386 Last updated: August 17, 2016 – 12:03 Official release from tag:  7.x-3.7 Core compatibility:  7.x[…]

archibald_kickstart 7.x-3.7

Release notes Changes since 3.6: Update dependencies. Update core. Download Size md5 hash archibald_kickstart-7.x-3.7-core.tar.gz 18.5 MB 5b052302b50ad456b31b6fb7877977e3 21.08 MB d084387307dc33108b1e2447565d3e76 archibald_kickstart-7.x-3.7-no-core.tar.gz 15.3 MB 61c2f8ffb68914d7fc895d2335e93ba1 17.16 MB f9bf6b3bc64662af8f7102bb84c91eb3 archibald_kickstart-7.x-3.7.tar.gz 715.77 KB e9df6af3479a3667da983571c3cd071e 728.02 KB d08c98353460047554d8677ad6b285bd Last updated: 2 Feb 2017 at 15:38 UTC[…]

drupal 8.3.0-alpha1

Release notes This is an alpha release for the next feature release of Drupal 8. Alphas are good testing targets for developers and site builders who are comfortable reporting (and where possible, fixing) their own bugs. Alpha releases are not recommended for non-technical users, nor[…]

archibald_kickstart 7.x-3.6

Release notes Changes since 3.5: Change default settings for Revisioning module; always show/edit the latest version. Import vocabulary translations on install (and update). Update dependencies. Download Size md5 hash archibald_kickstart-7.x-3.6-core.tar.gz 18.5 MB 0a7332ad4e03378e0038ad459f0f65b4 21.07 MB e2b8fc00649475c28d1b08286acde82e archibald_kickstart-7.x-3.6-no-core.tar.gz 15.3 MB 1fa4346a3d5a90670d0649b23e09cb06 17.15 MB 6c6bf5d827bd0bbdc5baf0b1f89c3e13[…]