PHP : ParseError : unexpected 'alleud' (T_STRING), expecting ',' or ')' in php_eval() … modules/php/php.module

Hello Some problem as I move a D7.56 site to another hosting. On all pages, excep admin page : PHP error : ParseError : syntax error, unexpected ‘alleud’ (T_STRING), expecting ‘,’ or ‘)’ dans php_eval() (ligne 1 dans /home/o2sw01/ : eval()’d code). (‘alleud’ is a part of my city : Braine-l’Alleud[…]

Hosting advice

Hello, I wish to gain some experience of Drupal 8 by creating a simple low-traffic website hosted by an external provider. I have read various comments regarding possible problems with ‘free’ hosting services but wonder if anyone is using Byet Internet Services? Their free hosting[…]