openfed 8.x-1.0-rc1

Download Size md5 hash openfed-8.x-1.0-rc1-core.tar.gz 26.15 MB 7aa3be796f230ec23264b2fe594106bc 39.2 MB 87250a9f966cc0be5861bf665e783e79 openfed-8.x-1.0-rc1-no-core.tar.gz 14.52 MB 3413c76110687b23db5718fdc89226e6 19.26 MB 657b614e8a165420691b259e6edaaa92 openfed-8.x-1.0-rc1.tar.gz 127.7 KB eee3d1e3f3c7bff8201c807621d1de77 243.37 KB d9bd1a7086ee61151fc4ad0e65e258e6 Last updated: 1 Mar 2017 at 16:03 UTC Official release from tag:  8.x-1.0-rc1 In this package Project[…]

wim 7.x-2.35

Download Size md5 hash wim-7.x-2.35-core.tar.gz 19.34 MB 98c108897b435a085d7846514c19ce84 23.96 MB 6b1fb773f7f439ef911c58c3e0adb46d wim-7.x-2.35-no-core.tar.gz 16.17 MB 16c25e0bc7597110ff1d04a04e5ef448 20.02 MB 55e33e1d3ee2781e159f48804faad51d wim-7.x-2.35.tar.gz 3.5 MB f8d30a5ebc2ad45c044e2f26da7c313b 3.9 MB 20851c34af15b2c136b708e80f88241b Last updated: 20 Feb 2019 at 19:51 UTC Release notes This update contains security updates for the[…]

wetkit 7.x-4.32

Download Size md5 hash wetkit-7.x-4.32-core.tar.gz 38.24 MB 09148e2e25ca519822f88821ff53327c 45.28 MB 0aaf740835377775845e3fe8328d52be wetkit-7.x-4.32-no-core.tar.gz 34.99 MB 64f14a870643714195e31720c06bc2aa 41.08 MB 69926c72e8db2ca403242e759ecd1f63 wetkit-7.x-4.32.tar.gz 741.64 KB f84a73e8a0f685e34aa3c475f304d5c1 756.42 KB b2110a921b8d844faaf7ac9cfc8a77b1 Last updated: 20 Feb 2019 at 22:13 UTC Release notes CHANGELOG See the file. Update /[…]

openfed 8.x-5.6

Download Size md5 hash openfed-8.x-5.6-core.tar.gz 31.94 MB 35d978db0d8c413d929181c0620710a8 47.53 MB db9e9f85ed297967ed9f0edbc9b5706d openfed-8.x-5.6-no-core.tar.gz 16.75 MB becd36494d45e8ea4e9603dadafe0007 22.54 MB 68cb9b7644ab3893c4b4776cce33e5b5 openfed-8.x-5.6.tar.gz 142.67 KB 5d87392b145802fb06637a49d7edb2d1 275.13 KB 78f739d845b8b72c958d3d411e35505f Last updated: 21 Feb 2019 at 11:23 UTC Release notes Update to Drupal Core 8.5.11 (SA-CORE-2019-003) Update[…]

wim 7.x-2.0-beta1

Release notes This first beta release of WiM 2.0 on contains all work done at until release tag 7.x-2.0-beta1. Download Size md5 hash wim-7.x-2.0-beta1-core.tar.gz 17.21 MB ee542a6b4056be99fc47ecc3fd815a6c 21.23 MB 392252d5d318ebfaa0a0e801a2166e25 wim-7.x-2.0-beta1-no-core.tar.gz 14.04 MB 85d4d3a11d3712bf18183d87240622c3 17.31 MB 41ad73ebc1dd37e7658a4e41aa86ece7 wim-7.x-2.0-beta1.tar.gz 2.85 MB b308f925af4f76d88e5aecbf94476d6e[…]

commons 7.x-3.50

Release notes Drupal Commons 3.50 (Drupal 7.59 core) contains the following updates: Fixes SA-CORE-2018-004 No other updates or code changes are included with this release. Download Size md5 hash commons-7.x-3.50-core.tar.gz 26.91 MB 7ffca66d784026df17a4832828ede7c7 31.42 MB a26cced21d4874ff46e512d31d955616 commons-7.x-3.50-no-core.tar.gz 23.71 MB ff009d7d6d3757ca145a3feaec24c065 27.39 MB 3d751100549b46bcce7efae2dcccc9f7[…]

l10n_install 7.x-1.17

Download Size md5 hash l10n_install-7.x-1.17-core.tar.gz 3.8 MB 11032be07ea5d6967007f7f578dc6a5a 4.44 MB 6ee8759a1030a6824b824ff2dfde4cd8 l10n_install-7.x-1.17-no-core.tar.gz 689.93 KB d48ae1acb506aaef58e1c43a015ddd82 812.03 KB 65e677c16b59e12dcc4f0cfe101727c2 l10n_install-7.x-1.17.tar.gz 594.95 KB 15d6dd53d2b8d9ff04adc063468ef85f 679.15 KB 65dff6b9cc458594a5899ac97f0e1079 Last updated: 11 Feb 2017 at 23:38 UTC Release notes Update make file to use Drupal core[…]

openfed 8.x-5.1

Download Size md5 hash openfed-8.x-5.1-core.tar.gz 31.2 MB 19461f69f4d66cfec96df14eaecd4094 46.52 MB ef69fc5d09078d0fd393fd680a62fd95 openfed-8.x-5.1-no-core.tar.gz 16.28 MB 370312290aad8ab11d7462c42dcc317a 21.91 MB 271829bd679e2f20335c091ecd38f87d openfed-8.x-5.1.tar.gz 139.59 KB 03a34f5e962355359dbe247e4453b9d4 271.66 KB 00e6c04935789449ff19fb21a7877e4c Last updated: 4 May 2018 at 12:53 UTC Release notes Updated Menu Block and updated patch. Important[…]

openfed 8.x-4.9

Download Size md5 hash openfed-8.x-4.9-core.tar.gz 28.39 MB 5ddaadf90df368539b823cfb5d25116c 42.93 MB 9729ba4f34e4c76f8d4da724101b11ae openfed-8.x-4.9-no-core.tar.gz 15.53 MB 32f1c81b420e208bd7212bd36d76b869 21.08 MB 735f964f8b6586df4f150f32a1c2191c openfed-8.x-4.9.tar.gz 144.48 KB 45b09829114a90f98c81e9535ff456f4 276.9 KB e27e328d34e09220905d72cce862a143 Last updated: 4 May 2018 at 13:23 UTC Release notes Updated Menu Block and updated patch Official[…]

commons 7.x-3.42

Download Size md5 hash commons-7.x-3.42-core.tar.gz 26.84 MB 8c9a3cf61acd4b4f98a6bac09f033cb7 31.3 MB 7ef1acc65104e614a0927a541b38943d commons-7.x-3.42-no-core.tar.gz 23.65 MB cd4f9c5b9e2ee4f052182001d84ac8d8 27.27 MB e382949ff42e54d89811c888e47f9b84 commons-7.x-3.42.tar.gz 1.98 MB ad708098598505ca4b25e7b98b7d73e6 2.24 MB c3e740de6740aa801a5a41ced065801f Last updated: 6 Feb 2017 at 19:58 UTC Release notes Drupal Commons 3.42 (Drupal 7.54 core) contains[…]

vardoc 8.x-2.1

Release notes To install Vardoc 8.x-2.1 version you can run this command: composer create-project vardot/vardoc-project:8.2.1 PROJECT_DIR_NAME –no-dev –no-interaction Install with Composer Highlighted important changes since Vardoc 8.2.0: Issue #3011288: Updated [Varbase core] from 8.5.2 to 8.5.3 Issue #3007665: Updated [Varbase core] profile from 8.5.1 to[…]

varbase 8.x-6.4

Release notes To install the Varbase 8.x-6.4 version run this command: composer create-project Vardot/varbase-project:8.6.4 PROJECT_DIR_NAME –no-dev –no-interaction Install with Composer Highlighted important changes since Varbase 8.6.3: Issue #3024940: Changed [Varbase Media Hero Slider] to have a fixed Image max and min Height Issue #3026247: Added[…]

vardoc 8.x-1.2

Download Size md5 hash vardoc-8.x-1.2-core.tar.gz 52.17 MB 4d887041d079b2d1e0dbd24bccc118bc 72.48 MB 481f27d1f4d73a68cdaf54d14b081389 vardoc-8.x-1.2-no-core.tar.gz 36.92 MB 86be7efd14a23f309c128c7e0c685933 47.22 MB 0368b89f37a584355accf57fe55f54a9 vardoc-8.x-1.2.tar.gz 7.27 MB 187ba44163e038a576184e0b1808cc4b 7.72 MB 10e4bb52ef7207a97dad6b41b7d2c8ba Last updated: 4 Nov 2018 at 13:43 UTC Release notes To install Vardoc 8.x-1.2 version you can[…]

varbase 8.x-6.1

Release notes To install the Varbase 8.x-6.1 version you could run this command: composer create-project Vardot/varbase-project:8.6.1 PROJECT_DIR_NAME –no-dev –no-interaction Install with Composer Highlighted important changes since Varbase 8.6.0: Issue #3009782: Updated [Paragraphs] module from 8.1.3 to 8.1.5 Paragraphs – Moderately critical – Access Bypass –[…]

archibald_kickstart 7.x-3.7

Release notes Changes since 3.6: Update dependencies. Update core. Download Size md5 hash archibald_kickstart-7.x-3.7-core.tar.gz 18.5 MB 5b052302b50ad456b31b6fb7877977e3 21.08 MB d084387307dc33108b1e2447565d3e76 archibald_kickstart-7.x-3.7-no-core.tar.gz 15.3 MB 61c2f8ffb68914d7fc895d2335e93ba1 17.16 MB f9bf6b3bc64662af8f7102bb84c91eb3 archibald_kickstart-7.x-3.7.tar.gz 715.77 KB e9df6af3479a3667da983571c3cd071e 728.02 KB d08c98353460047554d8677ad6b285bd Last updated: 2 Feb 2017 at 15:38 UTC[…]

archibald_kickstart 7.x-3.6

Release notes Changes since 3.5: Change default settings for Revisioning module; always show/edit the latest version. Import vocabulary translations on install (and update). Update dependencies. Download Size md5 hash archibald_kickstart-7.x-3.6-core.tar.gz 18.5 MB 0a7332ad4e03378e0038ad459f0f65b4 21.07 MB e2b8fc00649475c28d1b08286acde82e archibald_kickstart-7.x-3.6-no-core.tar.gz 15.3 MB 1fa4346a3d5a90670d0649b23e09cb06 17.15 MB 6c6bf5d827bd0bbdc5baf0b1f89c3e13[…]

commons 7.x-3.48

Release notes Release notes Drupal Commons 3.48 (Drupal 7.58 core) contains the following updates: Resolved security alert Drupal core – Highly critical – Remote Code Execution – SA-CORE-2018-002 No other updates or code changes are included with this release Download Size md5 hash commons-7.x-3.48-core.tar.gz 26.9[…]

How should you decouple Drupal?

Republished from With RESTful web services in Drupal 8 core, Drupal can function as an API-first back end serving browser applications, native applications on mobile devices, in-store displays, even in-flight entertainment systems (Lufthansa is doing so in Drupal 8!), and much more. When building[…]

openfed 8.x-6.0-beta5

Download Size md5 hash openfed-8.x-6.0-beta5-core.tar.gz 32.94 MB 6c474ee2f2e93f51151f362b4dccb2d0 49.59 MB fd92be3667bf8e2dd24d9f1e1aa32775 openfed-8.x-6.0-beta5-no-core.tar.gz 17.04 MB 0b26b9c8fea7f8f77453ac48c7195f41 23.14 MB 5f18da065a3bbbdd30029e12ded11f63 openfed-8.x-6.0-beta5.tar.gz 147.31 KB e6a90b139e6b6ff4971ee72d5b7e1e9f 285.89 KB 17760759f9f4bdb27de0bd0600c9b4f7 Last updated: 18 Jan 2019 at 08:43 UTC Release notes Note that there’s no Openfed 8.x-6.0-beta4 due[…]

wim 7.x-2.32

Download Size md5 hash wim-7.x-2.32-core.tar.gz 19.26 MB 755829186abf77d6caa4e780a476ce13 23.85 MB f082a633155890fb63d7caefda4bb0e0 wim-7.x-2.32-no-core.tar.gz 16.08 MB 6157ef412e9cc541c06dd2fc5b125ec2 19.91 MB c9fb692678a53670a556603e8b1bd460 wim-7.x-2.32.tar.gz 3.49 MB 023b5d279d4990492ca35c195811a479 3.89 MB dead7fded8938c619a04eeaf53bf9eff Last updated: 16 Jan 2019 at 19:28 UTC Release notes This update contains security updates for the[…]

wetkit 7.x-4.31

Download Size md5 hash wetkit-7.x-4.31-core.tar.gz 38.23 MB 8707343eb7fef211fb9ea56352f2a4a2 45.27 MB 56def2c7fd16bdcb47ebfd49fcc5c4c1 wetkit-7.x-4.31-no-core.tar.gz 34.98 MB ab8cb8f295f3d5cb7cea7d26a85be74a 41.07 MB e25a2ce6f1ba8dd75679a5d53ed001a1 wetkit-7.x-4.31.tar.gz 741.56 KB 092cfe3eaf751007e45f4fa6df8dc7a4 756.36 KB 834c241cca61f18c35a0a1340e3777b0 Last updated: 17 Jan 2019 at 02:13 UTC Release notes CHANGELOG See the file. Update /[…]

wim 7.x-2.33

Download Size md5 hash wim-7.x-2.33-core.tar.gz 19.26 MB 16af4de2d229fbacf5ed61bb4cbbba11 23.85 MB 29301aa6bf397f5b3c349c232203a599 wim-7.x-2.33-no-core.tar.gz 16.08 MB 948038d4610874b3a4470e4dc2d37530 19.91 MB a37734894be2c4b2f05b9f79f8c2d875 wim-7.x-2.33.tar.gz 3.49 MB 23d25904f3c678a0b9e9234abaaef938 3.89 MB 9cd02714b4a2611d7c7c9039840bd208 Last updated: 17 Jan 2019 at 08:38 UTC Release notes This update is a follow-up for the[…]

l10n_install 7.x-1.25

Release notes Update to use drupal core 7.63. Release notes can be found here: Download Size md5 hash l10n_install-7.x-1.25-core.tar.gz 3.82 MB af7919219a3119b282f21ac83803b077 4.47 MB 640a94d3ac47516683426e6e0de3974b l10n_install-7.x-1.25-no-core.tar.gz 690.21 KB dc78de4162054af6a5eb2037caed4adc 812.49 KB 838706e9d531aa93d5536578ab3e7696 l10n_install-7.x-1.25.tar.gz 594.88 KB 0fb508e119dfb1121374f248b8939657 679.15 KB c09140a24697582434e472899728ced2 Last updated:[…]

opigno_lms 7.x-1.35

Release notes Updating Drupal core to 7.63 Updating contrib modules for php 7.2 compatibility Quiz db performance improvement Download Size md5 hash opigno_lms-7.x-1.35-core.tar.gz 38.55 MB 4c15828a7363a2d9ef70a352edc6f008 43.59 MB 75d73704158a2a88232c2fded917c8a6 opigno_lms-7.x-1.35-no-core.tar.gz 35.34 MB 3fad40eed552ee9888a434ddfe608532 39.56 MB c8a1754111b28763640972614e49457f opigno_lms-7.x-1.35.tar.gz 3.58 MB 6d079d5cc704ecf1a6a9480707c9c8ac 3.61 MB[…]

openfed 7.x-2.19

Download Size md5 hash openfed-7.x-2.19-core.tar.gz 22.6 MB c9624117a2b02a2a4a983daeff7e8511 27.89 MB c0fb617d2d5ec90bdef6037ba669ff4a openfed-7.x-2.19-no-core.tar.gz 19.39 MB 970c42c18264d74703b145113c69fddd 23.76 MB 57b7cc2170e4886cbd8d18e9ce6a0772 openfed-7.x-2.19.tar.gz 339.62 KB 8e952b60ec3d4a1d459f8d5698f65606 614.97 KB 243da04e3eed72fe13e9255748957282 Last updated: 17 Jan 2019 at 11:18 UTC Release notes Please refer to and for[…]

vardoc 8.x-1.0-rc6

Release notes Highlighted important changes since Vardoc 8.1.0-rc5: Issue #2985877: Updated [Varbase core] profile from 8.4.21 to 8.4.22 Issue #2985881: Updated [Voting API] module from 8.3.0-alpha6 to 8.3.0-alpha7 Updating Vardoc 8.1.0-rc5 to Vardoc 8.1.0-rc6 The file. Updated Change log file: Varbase Automated Functional[…]

vardoc 8.x-2.x-dev

Release notes Issue #2987276: Started a new branch for [Vardoc] version: 8.x-2.x-dev and extra branch-alias with dev-8.x-2.x to 8.2.x-dev to use Varbase 8.x-5.x and media in Drupal core. Download Size md5 hash vardoc-8.x-2.x-dev-core.tar.gz 54.28 MB 71bd0bac71ee2377801a1fd9d3a12fc1 75.2 MB 0fbb50a6f74a0a2ac94ceb03e9bec4d6 vardoc-8.x-2.x-dev-no-core.tar.gz 38.99 MB 539115bb4df4c65b0dc1e1a313c7ce81[…]

cforge 7.x-1.5

Release notes Upgraded core and dependencies. Many minor fixes and improvements. Download Size md5 hash cforge-7.x-1.5-core.tar.gz 9.16 MB e7e33ab335c2d94d85b2940eb05ccbb0 11.3 MB 33b0b35ac490e2a4d98b62c28acb3d54 cforge-7.x-1.5-no-core.tar.gz 6.03 MB 5d7da9060dbeaa87a3ee5f93d7fab505 7.53 MB bbfe8d19cec84ca8282dc284d36dfb4a cforge-7.x-1.5.tar.gz 347.14 KB 45ce742fdb1ce34544d1ff7521bc610c 427.69 KB 276cfc1dcd4091280b212bae5519507e Last updated: 2 Apr 2018 at[…]

openfed 7.x-2.14

Download Size md5 hash openfed-7.x-2.14-core.tar.gz 22.59 MB 3b99bf68692fe4598d3abe8d5066a1ef 27.83 MB 5350786557e929eb83e642dbc15b1665 openfed-7.x-2.14-no-core.tar.gz 19.39 MB 5f906ca2b4c25d33f11a352cb377e2b1 23.73 MB 69472156c615f29fbd04156a4de5e8f3 openfed-7.x-2.14.tar.gz 339.54 KB 2b4f89ea2cc38059e141556aa8417b45 614.84 KB 237118f7d7a7382100c446210b9c299f Last updated: 29 Mar 2018 at 21:53 UTC Release notes Update to Drupal Core 7.58 (SA-CORE-2018-002) Official[…]

l10n_install 7.x-1.21

Download Size md5 hash l10n_install-7.x-1.21-core.tar.gz 3.81 MB 477dec0fab2c1c37c0adce10db8094b8 4.45 MB af9f51881af9ab3b09a307b826ea21a2 l10n_install-7.x-1.21-no-core.tar.gz 690.39 KB 90c84a4715d69166d56c215d3bb909fe 812.49 KB 877124c7ad4be5fca864ede18d3ce236 l10n_install-7.x-1.21.tar.gz 595.04 KB 05c0bc5c1560c26de43ff7fbafbd4052 679.15 KB ad29b9cd797a5a19d3610b4a04081f05 Last updated: 30 Mar 2018 at 12:23 UTC Release notes Update to use drupal core 7.58. See[…]

wim 7.x-2.25

Release notes This update updates the XML sitemap module in response to the security announcement: XML sitemap – Moderately critical – Information Disclosure – SA-CONTRIB-2018-053 Download Size md5 hash wim-7.x-2.25-core.tar.gz 17.94 MB 8583d30cb8f7713bc8fb7be061de4ca5 22.1 MB 7cbef07c406c191608ee3aa551841a7a wim-7.x-2.25-no-core.tar.gz 14.78 MB f2ce7ec349e629d9a4c964a4a42dc735 18.2 MB 23efe4b697b298dc5977292eb4afb3fa[…]

campaignion_starterkit 7.x-1.19

Release notes As always: Many upstream updates. NEW: phone number fields that imply opt-in. NEW: Display forms in an overlay on thank you pages. Download Size md5 hash campaignion_starterkit-7.x-1.19-core.tar.gz 15.12 MB e2e38a78245f4d74f687990777371aba 19.72 MB b601a7786274e1df3b1bf4f39ebedac7 campaignion_starterkit-7.x-1.19-no-core.tar.gz 11.81 MB d33132193a22f338e545c018b3b6cbd2 15.44 MB 2a7ed9ddacc460f2a217ed2bcd7ebccf campaignion_starterkit-7.x-1.19.tar.gz[…]

flippy 7.x-1.5

Release notes Bug fix details below: Issue #2304953: token not replaced when loop through nodes Issue #2844936: Variable API integration for localization Issue #2330879: “Next” is being displayed for prev link Issue #2356203: Alter Query using ‘nid’ in a join(ed) table breaks the queries. Issue[…]