No book migration

Hi, I just tried the migration process again with 8.2.3 and Migrate, Migrate Drupal and Migrate Drupal UI activated (no other contributed module seemed to be compatible/necessary and therefore was not installed). To my surprise I still found the Book module missing for migration although[…]

REST Menu Tree

Retrieve an entire menu tree in a single endpoint. REST Menu Tree allows developers to retrieve an entire menu link tree via a single endpoint. This makes it easier to build menus in external applications. Source:

seeds 7.x-1.x-dev

Download Size md5 hash seeds-7.x-1.x-dev-core.tar.gz 17.19 MB 7513c3980373f36b99509905d5bd70e7 20.92 MB a03fd973876f65bc3c900f3d9c717b1f seeds-7.x-1.x-dev-no-core.tar.gz 14.02 MB 1a05abbcd555a09fda5688f5c40a97cd 17.01 MB d1cb783e98b81dd5eb5d193e197a0f7c seeds-7.x-1.x-dev.tar.gz 40.74 KB 9ab83136bd5e395342e7953a00c434a2 71.57 KB 3785bc26cb3b6325d6c81c06358f6f3b Last updated: 31 Jul 2017 at 15:55 UTC Last packaged version: 7.x-1.x-dev Release notes Backport seeds to[…]

elysia_cron 7.x-2.2

Release notes A lot of bugs was fixed. A lot of new features implemented. WARNING: READ ABOUT NEW DRUSH COMMANDS SYNTAX BEFORE UGRADING ON PRODUCTION! List of included issues: #2593451: Cronapi hook is calling $queue->numberOfItems() always which may lead to performance issues #2773249: Allow callbacks[…]

bootstrap 8.x-3.14

Release notes Change Records Introduced in branch/version Notice created Change 8.x-3.x / 8.x-3.14 11-Nov-2018 Theme setting popover_trigger_autoclose is now popover_auto_close 8.x-3.x / 8.x-3.14 11-Nov-2018 Attributes now show up in menu links   Changes since 8.x-3.13 (11 commits): New Features #3012865 by markcarver: Add settings to[…]

drupal 8.2.0-rc1

Release notes This is a release candidate for the next feature release of Drupal 8. Release candidates are not supported for production sites, but they are intended for widespread testing in preparation for the upcoming stable release. More information on release candidates. This minor release[…]

drupal 8.1.9

Release notes This is a patch release of Drupal 8 and is ready for use on production sites. See the CHANGELOG.txt for an extensive summary of changes and improvements since Drupal 7! Learn more about Drupal 8. This is also the final scheduled patch release[…]

Menu Block View Modes

Extension to Menu Block to enable the output of menu items as entities with a specified view modes. Usage When selected this module makes an additional item.entity property available to your twig templates, you can then check for this in the menu template and output[…]