ctools 7.x-1.11

Release notes This is mainly a bugfix and minor features release for ctools 7.x. Changes since ctools 1.10 #1265272 by dimduj, DamienMcKenna, rivimey, johnnydarkko: Page manager task_handlers plugin should provide “302 temporary Redirect” in addition to the 301 Permanent Redicrect #636052 by rivimey, mike.roman: Documenting[…]

menu_force 8.x-1.0

Download Size md5 hash menu_force-8.x-1.0.tar.gz 8.87 KB a195a10cf900a6feda566854ab772870 menu_force-8.x-1.0.zip 10.22 KB 400230b14dd92203a44abe1fd8794ac9 Last updated: October 15, 2016 – 05:33 Release notes The first Drupal 8 release of the Menu Force module. Thanks to akashjain132 for writing the port! Official release from tag:  8.x-1.0 Core compatibility: […]

wim 7.x-2.0-beta3

Release notes Added features: Lead paragraph XML crawler CSS class field for Custom lists module Reports. Email reporting based on Logging alerts module KCM survey module Metatags default configuration XML sitemap Updated Bootstrap theme Updated Elysia cron module Cookie messages Webform defaults redirect now to[…]

archibald_kickstart 7.x-3.1

Release notes Changes since 3.0: Updated several contrib modules. Updated to Archibald 3.1 Download Size md5 hash archibald_kickstart-7.x-3.1-core.tar.gz 18.47 MB 4cb750fde3705a4645d09597812a3a1f archibald_kickstart-7.x-3.1-core.zip 20.99 MB 5f0fa0a9ace579494b043bcedd0d314f archibald_kickstart-7.x-3.1-no-core.tar.gz 15.26 MB 489d63f97a38298ccb4c97b37c40db45 archibald_kickstart-7.x-3.1-no-core.zip 17.08 MB 4b4d359316e01681b23b84bf3944605c archibald_kickstart-7.x-3.1.tar.gz 716.54 KB 59a546d3445724e9c12c9ae1f261988e archibald_kickstart-7.x-3.1.zip 727.52 KB d94973e3a5091b27a8d42fd7b2c5a112 Last updated: October 14,[…]

Pixel Theme

Pixel is a lightweight, responsive, three column layout theme which gives a premium look and feel to a website. Pixel’s modern look and suit perfectly for showcasing your work, personal blogs or corporate and media websites. 10 Features of Pixel: Modern & Clean Design Full[…]

drd 7.x-2.6

Release notes Issue #2491177 by Cyberschorsch: Generating a IV should respect the aes crypt implementation Issue #2780417 by dahousecat: Domain modules page incorectly returns not found Issue #2779363 by dahousecat: 401 error when action domain “DRD: remotely install/uninstall” used with authenication Issue #2777091 by dahousecat:[…]

callblast 7.x-1.0-alpha3

Download Size md5 hash callblast-7.x-1.0-alpha3-core.tar.gz 6.89 MB 597c51c902a3bfa9c4963066bf35f408 callblast-7.x-1.0-alpha3-core.zip 8.34 MB 3d8c536afbbd9eed00f07cdc929b2761 callblast-7.x-1.0-alpha3-no-core.tar.gz 3.72 MB db3206594cafee4ac0ded3d8c17a10a4 callblast-7.x-1.0-alpha3-no-core.zip 4.58 MB a9ce6a2879bedf9770cb5d257443997d callblast-7.x-1.0-alpha3.tar.gz 51.99 KB d02c3e4729e0881502d398df1e624398 callblast-7.x-1.0-alpha3.zip 78.82 KB f32ea16eca620e4ecb5f3337ae81a337 Last updated: October 11, 2016 – 17:03 Release notes Subscribe block permissions. Official release from tag:  7.x-1.0-alpha3[…]

mytube 7.x-1.0-beta4

Release notes Bugs fixed: #1155774: Every image are resized #1985090: Base domain not properly recognized #1990202: Inline script tags and code should only be created in their specified fields #2316975: language prefix is added to image URLs due to usage of url() rather than file_create_url()[…]

hostmaster 7.x-3.170

Release notes See the full release notes at: http://docs.aegirproject.org/en/3.x/release-notes/3.17/ Download Size md5 hash hostmaster-7.x-3.170-core.tar.gz 6.19 MB 268de9d1350191e6989b5e039ba26b9a hostmaster-7.x-3.170-core.zip 7.78 MB 0a19a2675c76709f3d7b211249b37943 hostmaster-7.x-3.170-no-core.tar.gz 3.03 MB 0f64b151cf202cdd54831230c3477202 hostmaster-7.x-3.170-no-core.zip 4.01 MB 44a580699b32f85951ecbb0252373279 hostmaster-7.x-3.170.tar.gz 11.51 KB 3b0bf786f9d454566da99685ea77c174 hostmaster-7.x-3.170.zip 14.49 KB 89f38d1634681899d3c854ff65c5504c Last updated: 19 Dec 2018 at 20:13 UTC[…]

seeds 8.x-6.8

Release notes A more stable release of important modules, and patch link attribute for better SEO. Also, we added container settings on entities we used with for layout builder. Download Size md5 hash seeds-8.x-6.8-core.tar.gz 26.13 MB caebe37f6ff1ff7fb482c94fb3d15e90 seeds-8.x-6.8-core.zip 40.42 MB 5d445a355ad9cccc34730a833f444882 seeds-8.x-6.8-no-core.tar.gz 10.44 MB 81b75b2f831ce141a05a6d42859517ea[…]

campaignion_starterkit 7.x-2.x-dev

Download Size md5 hash campaignion_starterkit-7.x-2.x-dev-core.tar.gz 15.29 MB a5bdeeef9b46cc6d707e83bf9f447494 campaignion_starterkit-7.x-2.x-dev-core.zip 20.02 MB e2909508f507ef74b84b63c65e9c3b71 campaignion_starterkit-7.x-2.x-dev-no-core.tar.gz 11.96 MB 88a4a7faea533c1117ef9f2fa5627f59 campaignion_starterkit-7.x-2.x-dev-no-core.zip 15.67 MB 138032b4524b5decb96b34e909b6f0ba campaignion_starterkit-7.x-2.x-dev.tar.gz 98.2 KB d1dfadd0aa1b5709024ffcef0532b859 campaignion_starterkit-7.x-2.x-dev.zip 190.86 KB 72e31ee2375f555b75e6872f0d648e04 Last updated: 18 Dec 2018 at 15:08 UTC Last packaged version: 7.x-2.x-dev Release notes Perhaps the last[…]

campaignion_starterkit 7.x-2.0

Release notes Upstream updates. Add a new campaign_tag field for supporter records. Bump PHP dependency to 7.0. Download Size md5 hash campaignion_starterkit-7.x-2.0-core.tar.gz 15.27 MB dc98ae176bb17da62b2c39a975651d22 campaignion_starterkit-7.x-2.0-core.zip 19.95 MB 0c39deed2558ff0cd205795f8ee745e8 campaignion_starterkit-7.x-2.0-no-core.tar.gz 11.96 MB 526960a254079c6980bfe16f869d2a57 campaignion_starterkit-7.x-2.0-no-core.zip 15.67 MB b0ce0d2945035ad8b5bf1e83ffe6db99 campaignion_starterkit-7.x-2.0.tar.gz 98.2 KB 97886e44135bf0223c61a853e4b6dc71 campaignion_starterkit-7.x-2.0.zip 190.81 KB fe336dea948a9fb63549d1668409d4c7[…]

brainstorm_profile 7.x-1.6

Download Size md5 hash brainstorm_profile-7.x-1.6-core.tar.gz 35.47 MB 11deddae5ebcb75d85a105e5f3e82d12 brainstorm_profile-7.x-1.6-core.zip 37.79 MB fd767360e8dfd0f584b93ba649ce3fb7 brainstorm_profile-7.x-1.6-no-core.tar.gz 32.26 MB 344387c562e2485ff56184de5ecf739d brainstorm_profile-7.x-1.6-no-core.zip 33.88 MB 18252102c3df51f1acb3ef638cf96e4e brainstorm_profile-7.x-1.6.tar.gz 27.43 MB 75773678e754a257695ce050dbcc24a1 brainstorm_profile-7.x-1.6.zip 27.67 MB 6037b864e494db13a3e8d3a8d1a75098 Last updated: 26 Mar 2019 at 08:33 UTC Release notes Update of core and modules. Official release[…]

commerce_profile 7.x-1.12

Release notes Update of core and modules. Also #3017635: There is a bug with the slider on the product page on mobile version was fixed. Download Size md5 hash commerce_profile-7.x-1.12-core.tar.gz 48.8 MB acb436c40d8825adcfe89aff93b7d61b commerce_profile-7.x-1.12-core.zip 51.84 MB 7808f458cbf7f22a0c92060a20e6414e commerce_profile-7.x-1.12-no-core.tar.gz 45.56 MB 4b31c932e26e29f2ff7b30d1189abd51 commerce_profile-7.x-1.12-no-core.zip 47.83 MB 127cfe9e6c0beb29d308d8b2753f1873[…]

corporate_profile 7.x-1.8

Release notes This release is updates core and modules to current versions. And #3020485: Input width incorrect for the contact form was fixed. Download Size md5 hash corporate_profile-7.x-1.8-core.tar.gz 23.19 MB 23f2f279f33ab9182a54ba8e57d1a4a9 corporate_profile-7.x-1.8-core.zip 26 MB 9c598d64a2e18cae3ed4d693e57a2a11 corporate_profile-7.x-1.8-no-core.tar.gz 19.98 MB 66914ca93f2549d39873f86e0badfb48 corporate_profile-7.x-1.8-no-core.zip 22.08 MB 94d98268bd83706d2f8e8ad2b13381bf corporate_profile-7.x-1.8.tar.gz 9.38[…]

food_delivery_profile 7.x-1.0-beta4

Release notes Alongside with updates of core and contrib modules, issue #2945779: Ajax facets by price does not work with contextual filters. was fixed. Download Size md5 hash food_delivery_profile-7.x-1.0-beta4-core.tar.gz 27.95 MB 0af62924aa95578d95de7a36cdf07529 food_delivery_profile-7.x-1.0-beta4-core.zip 31.67 MB 1fa8be0d5893478c39c58b28f9afae2e food_delivery_profile-7.x-1.0-beta4-no-core.tar.gz 24.66 MB ab9f5917695bb6a8fcc620defaa97f4f food_delivery_profile-7.x-1.0-beta4-no-core.zip 27.46 MB 8ae6fd67f36a1609480b8ea3f09e875b food_delivery_profile-7.x-1.0-beta4.tar.gz[…]

multipurpose_corporate_profile 7.x-1.15

Download Size md5 hash multipurpose_corporate_profile-7.x-1.15-core.tar.gz 20.46 MB fc6ea683ac46c56dbdd6d913ecd7024b multipurpose_corporate_profile-7.x-1.15-core.zip 22.84 MB e15b7fee5e6c96626396e03b41fb1ea8 multipurpose_corporate_profile-7.x-1.15-no-core.tar.gz 17.25 MB c07fddd1ec878e93b7ebcd1655661aa2 multipurpose_corporate_profile-7.x-1.15-no-core.zip 18.83 MB b9752f63ef72caca5792f49906b9ca80 multipurpose_corporate_profile-7.x-1.15.tar.gz 10.73 MB b4ced40bb0935ac2d2d8b992199025f8 multipurpose_corporate_profile-7.x-1.15.zip 10.82 MB 35352cfa1ba74554fad74763a2fb6026 Last updated: 26 Mar 2019 at 08:48 UTC Release notes This release is updates core and modules[…]