Drupal Mobile/Adaptive

Hello Can I use Drupal to host either the following A: https://m.site.com/en & https://site.com/en https://m.site.com/de & https://site.com/de B: https://en-m.site.com/ & https://en.site.com/ https://de-m.site.com/ & https://de.site.com/ C https://site.com/en (loads a specific theme for mobile – adaptive website NOT responsive) https://site.com/de (loads a specific theme for mobile – adaptive website NOT[…]


What is ngrok ? Ngrok allows developers to create secure tunnels to localhost or platform of their choice. Main use cases of ngrok are: Demo without deploying Simplify mobile device testing Build webhook integrations with ease Run personal cloud services from your own private network[…]

What i think should be in Drupal 8 core :)

1. When using views it would be very handy for an image field to have a replacement pattern with the relative url to a image to do something like this: <picture> <source srcset=”{{ field_customer_logo__uri|replace({‘.png’: ‘-mobile.png’}) }}” media=”(min-width: 960px)”> <source srcset=”{{ field_customer_logo__uri|replace({‘.png’: ‘-tablet.png’}) }}” media=”(min-width: 768px)”>[…]

thunder 8.x-2.34

Release notes Release due to [SA-CORE-2019-003](https://www.drupal.org/sa-core-2019-003). Some small bugfixes go with this release as well. Contributors (4) chr.fritsch, volkerk, SteffenR, daniel.bosen Changelog Issues: 4 issues resolved. Changes since 8.2.33: Bug #3029401 by SteffenR, volkerk, chr.fritsch: Error while adding new translation and having content_moderation enabled #3025821[…]

panopoly 7.x-1.42

Release notes This release includes a (non-security) Drupal core update, bug fixes, module updates and a couple new features — including, using Linkit in more places and rendering Field Collections in the live previews from Panopoly Magic. Instructions on how to upgrade: Please see the[…]

Simple Mobile Login

Introduction: ——————- This module provide functionality to login with mobile number. Requirements: —————— This module requires the following modules: * telephone Installation: ———— * Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module. See:https://www.drupal.org/docs/8/extending-drupal-8/installing-modules for further information. Source: https://drupal.org/project/project_module/feed/all