Showcase Lite

Showcase Lite is a free mobile-first, Bootstrap 3 based theme for Drupal 8, based on our popular Premium Showcase+ theme distribution, which helps you create great looking business and product/service portfolio sites. Showcase Lite is supported by More than (just) Themes, as part of our[…]

thunder 8.x-2.28

Release notes This release contains a new version of the paragraphs module, which fixes a security issue. See Additionally we had several small changes to testing, improved demo content and removed unused code. Contributors (5) daniel.bosen, mtodor, marcelovani, chr.fritsch, volkerk Changelog Issues: 7 issues[…]

Emotionally Complicated Class Names

Things can get a little saucy on Friday’s OK. .side-by-side-unless-anything-whatsoever-out-of-the-ordinary-happens { float: hopefully; } .important-but-not-like-SUPER-important-just-medium-important { background: yellow !probably; } .another-wrapper-and-im-not-even-sorry-about-it { position: relative; } .this-wrapper-i-am-kinda-sorry-about { background: url(/images/overwhelming-movie-promo.png); } .this-is-definitely-the-first-element-on-the-page-it-will-never-change { font-size: awkard; } .slab-serif-but-not-like-in-your-face-slabby-just-a-tiny-little-jabber-outer { font-family: “FontTrendOfTheMonth”, serif; } .this-would-be-nth-word(2)-but-thats-not-a-thing { /* forget[…]

Submitting a form programatically

I’m trying to create a registration form via a mobile app based on this tutorial…. It involves posting the Register form parameters to a custom url and then sumbitting the user registration form using the Form API as follows: $form_state = (new FormState())->setValues($_POST); Drupal::formBuilder()->submitForm(‘DrupaluserRegisterForm’,[…]

cog 8.x-1.4

Release notes – Completing initial structure of Theming Guide topics – Replacing Handlebars for Twig in StyleGuide compile – Adding fontawesome to base installation – Added example styleguide entries for KSS – Converting blockquote hbs template to twig – Prevent syntax error blocking compile with[…]

Getting Started with HTTP/2: Part 1

HTTP/2 has some really amazing changes to the way web sites and applications can be built. A year and a half after becoming published, almost 10% of websites support HTTP/2. It has definitely had notable adoption, but the conversation should be pushed further for front-end developers on[…]