Drupal Developer

Salary/Rate: £25,000 – £40,000 Location: Oxfordshire Drupal Developer Drupal / PHP / MySQL / HTML / CSS / jQuery / JavaScript AN OPPORTUNITY TO WORK WITHIN A PIONEERING DIGITAL AGENCY! * Based in Oxford, easily commutable from surrounding areas * Salary of…[…]

Lead Full Stack Developer – PHP/MySQL/JS/HTML/CMS – Circa £50,000 – £57,000.

Salary/Rate: £50,000 – £57,000 Location: Greater London <p>Lead Full- Stack PHP Developer:</p><p>Circa &pound;50,000 – &pound;57,000,</p><p>Full Time – Interviews available immediately,</p><p>Company: A digital… Source: http://www.technojobs.co.uk/rss.php/drupal/excludekeywords/location/radius25/termsin0/salary0/postedwithinall/jobtypeall/searchfieldRSearchIndex/page1


Explore the powerful Drupal 8 solution for advanced site building and easy content management! RedACTO distribution consists of the current Drupal 8 functionality, built-in plugins and pre-defined content types implemented through paragraphs module, and Bootstrap 4 theme that takes care of the appearance of the[…]

Drush Migrate

Hi After attempted to migrate with Drupal8 “Migrate UI” (a question “Uprade from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8” is on /support/upgrading Drupal for 8 days), I tried with drush ! I am just starting with drush !! I am using Wamp64. I have in wamp64/www[…]

Latest Drupal 8 install fails

Hello, I have tried to install Drupal 8 but can’t install it as all the V8 builds fail to install with the following error: Additional uncaught exception thrown while handling exception. Original SymfonyComponentRoutingExceptionRouteNotFoundException: Route “<none>” does not exist. in DrupalCoreRoutingRouteProvider->getRouteByName() (line 187 of D:TestcorelibDrupalCoreRoutingRouteProvider.php). DrupalCoreRoutingRouteProvider->getRouteByName(”)[…]

guardr 7.x-2.49

Release notes Issue #3028461: Use https for git repos Download Size md5 hash guardr-7.x-2.49-core.tar.gz 4.29 MB e83f814500536a1d5df7bc8b6ec8aff4 guardr-7.x-2.49-core.zip 5.4 MB d76748330e6a8a461f82e77fcdc98a8a guardr-7.x-2.49-no-core.tar.gz 1.14 MB 00baefe5be54124e7d0564f2a9ad0869 guardr-7.x-2.49-no-core.zip 1.69 MB d29ecadb8cbf6faf60939ba5d18262b5 guardr-7.x-2.49.tar.gz 12.29 KB d2c56053f59ce8e0b9a708c3d94ca89d guardr-7.x-2.49.zip 14.56 KB ec362e341b30ccf56651ed2e70fef602 Last updated: 28 Jan 2019 at 03:03 UTC[…]

installing modules in a dockerized drupal environment

I created a drupal environment that’s running in a docker container, using the following docker-compose file: version: ‘3’ services: web: image: lullaboteducation/drupaldevwithdocker-php volumes: – ./docroot:/var/www/html:cached ports: – “80:80” db: image: lullaboteducation/drupaldevwithdocker-mysql volumes: – ./db-backups:/var/mysql/backups:delegated environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: root MYSQL_DATABASE: drupaldb MYSQL_USER: drupal MYSQL_PASSWORD: verybadpassword ports: -[…]

Hiring Senior Drupal Developer in Toronto

University of Toronto Casual Job Opportunity (UNION) In accordance with its Employment Equity Policy, the University of Toronto encourages applications from qualified women or men, with members of visible minorities, aboriginal peoples and persons with disabilities                                                                                     . JOB POSTING:                                   USW Local 1998[…]

maps_suite 7.x-2.29

Release notes Ensure compatibility with MySQL versions > 5.7.3 (PRIMARY KEY must be NOT NULL). Download Size md5 hash maps_suite-7.x-2.29.tar.gz 529.19 KB 7de57ad1e5cd4ce450ca3586fe6847be maps_suite-7.x-2.29.zip 713.63 KB 42abae38d43dde4894ef478412e9dccc Last updated: 2 Feb 2017 at 14:28 UTC Official release from tag:  7.x-2.29 Core compatibility:  7.x Release type: […]