Issue 252

Issue 252 – August, 11th 2016 From Our Sponsor Why is Your Site Slow? Speed is a feature many clients assume they will get but do not always ask for. In fact, you are more likely to hear your clients ask for features or functionality[…]

Issue 249

Issue 249 – July, 21st 2016 From Our Sponsor Troubleshoot web performance issues and delight users everywhere. When a website doesn’t perform, it not only leads to complaints and fewer conversions, but also a loss in revenue and damage to a company’s brand and reputation.[…]

Drupal 8.1.5

Jul 8, 09:55 PDTResolved – has released version 8.1.5. This release is classified as a bugfix release.[1] Pantheon has made the update available for one-click update in site dashboards. Instructions for applying core updates can be found in our Support Center.[2] Note that, other[…]

since drupal core upgraded to 8.5.1 from 8.5.0

Hi, I’m having the following error when trying to intall or uninstall a module since upgrade 8.5.1 Do someone else having same issue ? Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required ‘/srv/bindings/1c1195afa0e44f85803b55e4dda14d9e/code/vendor/composer/../../web/core/lib/Drupal/Core/Layout/Icon/SvgIconBuilder.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/share/pear:/usr/share/php’) in /srv/bindings/1c1195afa0e44f85803b55e4dda14d9e/code/vendor/symfony/class-loader/ApcClassLoader.php on line 112 Context : composer managed Drupal (relocated webroot) upgraded[…]