Why You Should be Parallel Prototyping

So you heard that your UX team prototypes — but are they doing it right? In this article, I’ll give a quick intro to prototyping, and then delve into the differences between iterative prototyping and parallel prototyping. Prototyping — just another design buzzword? Prototyping allows designers and engineers to[…]

O3 World: UI/UX Designer

Full-time (Philadelphia, PA) Our design department is currently seeking an experienced UI/UX Designer to join our growing team. You will work closely with the design director, designers, developers, and project managers to lead the user experience and design of great products. We are looking for[…]

commerce 8.x-2.6

Release notes Summary: 8.x-2.6 Contributors: (31) czigor, Sophie.SK, bojanz, pslcbs, jsacksick, quietone, mglaman, caseylau, Lendude, drugan, skek, AndreaMaggi, ransomweaver, ndf, Londova, Dom., lisastreeter, FatherShawn, abramm, xSDx, joachim, waspper, agoradesign, tce, karlos007, trigdog, joe1987uk, shabana.navas, sorabh.v6, alianov, Kate Heinlein Issues: 32 issues resolved. Changes since 8.x-2.5:[…]

Issue 246

Issue 246 – June, 30th 2016 Experiencing hosting provider issues this week. Some images on the site may be broken over the next couple days. From Our Sponsor Drupal 6 is Dead. Long Live Drupal 6! While the Drupal community is quick to declare Drupal[…]

Commerce 2.0-alpha4 released

Almost two months and seven thousand lines of code later, here’s Commerce 2.0-alpha4. This release brings checkout and revamped product attributes. We’ve also added upgrade path APIs in preparation for beta1. Meanwhile, we helped push Drupal 8.1 out the door and fixed many Inline Entity[…]

How is Drupal 8 doing?

Republished from buytaert.net The one big question I get asked over and over these days is: “How is Drupal 8 doing?”. It’s understandable. Drupal 8 is the first new version of Drupal in five years and represents a significant rethinking of Drupal. So how is[…]