dvg_appointments 7.x-1.0-beta2

Release notes Changes since 7.x-1.0-beta1: #2804479 by mvwensen: Get product info from webservice #2800729 by askibinski: Add support for HTML mail #2800523 by ralphvdhoudt: Prevent deletion of components used in the mapping #2800505 by ralphvdhoudt: Add appointment to the get_customer_appointments variables #2795729 by ralphvdhoudt: Don’t[…]

metatag 7.x-1.19

Release notes This release fixes some bugs in the last release on the shortcut icon, ios-app, android-app, author and publisher meta tags, fixes compatibility with the new Workbench Moderation v3 releases, and adds output tests to make sure the tags aren’t broken again. Updating is[…]

Painting Contractors in Adugodi

Painting Contractors in adugodi Isn’t it unimaginable however painting a space will modification the entire look of a space? simply by addingassociate degree accent wall, a space will wear an entire new expression. Luckily, painting services ar a reasonable upgrade. Painting Contractors in adugodi whether[…]

Leading Zeros Formatter

Introduction The Leading Zeros Field Formatter extends the Integer Formatter to add leading zeros to integer fields. Settings for Thousand marker and Prefix / Suffix can also be configured. This may be useful for printing product ids, serial numbers or similar that need to conform[…]


A writer had a rough go of getting a book published. Even after he’d written plenty of short stories for magazine publications, he started his hand at writing books. But nothing hit. His fourth attempt at a novel really gave him some fits. He finally finished[…]


A Drupal 8 starter theme focused on fast coding with sass and gulp. It provide the proper structure to follow Drupal guidelines on css architecture using the SMACSS system. It encourages BEM methodology for a reusable component-based approach. Hops is coupled with Fractal to provide[…]