What does exactly mean "routing"?

What does exactly mean in the Drupal programming/developing language “routing definition” ? I have read following suggestion for trying to create a “Dynamic Title” as a controller plugin with Drupal 8: How do I set a page Title? -> http://drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/181828/how-do-i-set-the-page-t… I guess that to have[…]

An Introduction to Node.js

Decoupled applications are increasing in popularity as brand experiences continue to move beyond the traditional website. Although your content management system (CMS) might house your content alongside Drupal, it doesn’t just stay put. APIs are making calls to extend that content to things like digital[…]

The books I read in 2016

None of what I read was actually printed on paper. It was all Kindle, iPhone, or listened to as an audio book. At Basecamp, we have a monthly automatic check-in called What are you reading? It’s a great way to discover new books by recommendation of[…]

Writing software is hard

Good software is uncommon because writing it is hard. In the abstract, we all know that it is hard. We talk incessantly about how it’s hard. And yet, we also collectively seem shocked — just shocked! — when the expectable happens and the software we’re exposed to or is[…]


This module is going to create a specific Content Type and related Twig template to create, store and render TalkingMaps stories. We are the TenOli team (Martino & Federico), we love maps and web programming and we are OpenSource enthusiastic. We wanted to create an[…]

[LIVE] Oscars 2018: How to Watch the Academy Awards on TV and Streaming FREE

[LIVE] Oscars 2018: How to Watch the Academy Awards on TV and Streaming FREE….[LIVE] Oscars 2018: How to Watch the Academy Awards on TV and Streaming FREE Watch Now : Oscars 2018 Live On Free [Click HERE] Oscars’2018”How’to’Watch’Academy’Awards’on’TV”Streaming”” 21’hours’ago””TV’ratings’for’the’Academy’Awards’have’been’steadily’declining’for’several’years”as’has’been’the’case’with’much’of’the’live’programming’on’traditional’television”but’tens’of’millions’of’people’will’still’be’watching’this’Sunday’to’see’which’of’the’year’s’best’films’take’home’the’most’golden’statues’ How’To’Watch’Oscar’Awards’2018’Live’Online’Without’Cable Jump’to’Stream’Oscars’2018’Live’with’ABC””One’can’live’stream’Oscar’Awards’live’via’Hotstar’com”One’may’be’in’different’parts’of’the’world’but’according’to’the’time’-zone’one’can’catch’up’with’the’show’and’take’all’gun’from’it”Sling’TV’is’the’best’option’for’online’streaming’options’but’it’requires’high”speed”” Watch’The’Oscars’2018’Live’Stream’Online’|’The’Oscars”All’Access Watch’The’Oscars’Live!’You’can’watch’The’Oscars’awards’show’on’the’following”On’your’television’LIVE’OSCAR’SUNDAY”MARCH’4th”Exclusive’red’carpet’coverage’begins’at’6’30e|3’30p”followed’by’the’awards’ceremony’at’8’00e|5’00p”Oscar’fans’living’in’the’markets’listed’below’can’watch’the’live’broadcast’of’The”” How’to’Watch’the’Oscars’2018’Live’Internationally””Oscars’2018”” Feb’7”2018””If’you’don’t’live’in’the’US”find’out’how’to’watch’Oscars’2018’live’on’TV’around’the’world![…]