Issue 266

Issue 266 – November, 17th 2016 From Our Sponsor Drupal on Fire: Ember, JSON API, and Decoupled Drupal 8 Why has Ember captured the imagination of so many front-end developers involved in building single-page applications? Ember is an opinionated JavaScript framework which values a common[…]


This module enables HTTPS support for sites within the Aegir Hosting System using certificate management services such as Let’s Encrypt, whose support is included. It provides a cleaner, more sustainable and more extensible implementation that what’s currently offered in Aegir SSL within Aegir core, and[…]

Unchanging Gears

  Illustration by Nate Otto John Stallworth has been selling hardware and fixing bikes at his shop on Chicago’s South Side for 50 years, helping to anchor a neighborhood that’s struggled with population loss and divestment. John’s Hardware and Bicycle Shop is the kind of old-fashioned[…]