twig html.html.twig DIV before Body Section

Templating using Foundation 6 sub-theme html.html.twig I am noticing some unexpected behavior where DIV sections are appear between head and body sections. <head> …. </head> <div class=”gr-top-z-index gr-top-zero” tabindex=”-1″> <div data-reactroot=”” class=”_970ef1-hoverMenu”> <div class=”_970ef1-panel”> <div class=”_970ef1-tooltip _970ef1-tooltip_hidden undefined”> </div> <div class=”_970ef1-buttonArea”> <div class=”_970ef1-btn _970ef1-btn_disable” tabindex=”-1″>[…]

Drupal 8 Essential Training – What else to add?

Recently I have created a ‘Drupal 8 Essential Training’ tutorial series. The list of topics shown below. After browsing the list please suggest to me few more topics to be included in this ‘beginner’ course. Your input would be much appreciated. Thank you. ——————–[…]