geoip 7.x-2.1

Release notes Small bug-fix release: #2671242: Rules condition “Check for user country detected by ip” not listing countries #2767553: Drush update warning Download Size md5 hash geoip-7.x-2.1.tar.gz 15.05 KB babcb3d59dcf1cce18bd5357e334bdd1 21.17 KB 03e6132482ca2f32896179578cff9846 Last updated: 13 Mar 2018 at 05:18 UTC Official release from[…]

entity 8.x-1.0-beta2

Release notes Changes since 8.x-1.0-beta1: #2951270 by mglaman, bojanz, dawehner, lisastreeter: Core’s generated collection routes do not support the provided “access overview” permission Remove unused use statements from the route providers. #2952244 by bojanz: Update RevisionControllerTrait for Drupal 8.5.0 #2921844 by tstoeckler: Allow auto-generating local[…]

social 8.x-2.1

Release notes Call for DrupalEurope Social/Non-Profit sessions! Send in your session for DrupalEurope this week and inspire our community! More info at: #Drupal #DrupalCon #DrupalEurope New Features & Improvements #2973550 When a user joined a group, we used to redirect them to the group overview[…]

guardr 7.x-2.45

Download Size md5 hash guardr-7.x-2.45-core.tar.gz 4.27 MB 2b64d813339d8f47523c11795251e9d6 5.37 MB c3757fb8fbb0ddca5a9cca689d495296 guardr-7.x-2.45-no-core.tar.gz 1.14 MB a28005fc0eb5f1cace66dc6e2170830c 1.69 MB 16944ccf4e85bec293c06b1d758b7918 guardr-7.x-2.45.tar.gz 12.3 KB b3fca3b79e52a1fd14cd89b163a76a11 14.55 KB 30eec4e10fcd0b4873ad43df68304ecf Last updated: 27 Jun 2018 at 19:38 UTC Release notes Security update for Mass Password Reset module[…]

og 7.x-2.10

Release notes Improvements and bug fixes. Changelog between 7.x-2.9 and 7.x-2.10 #2057025 OG subscribe / join page not working with field permissions on group field. #1865852 og_form_group_manager_validate() assumes the entity form has a language. #2831715 Unsubscribe confirm firm uses ‘Remove’ as button text. #2338665 Remove[…]

fullcalendar_view 8.x-2.0-rc9

Release notes Changes since rc8: Issue #2978972 by johnny5th: Prevent user without creating event permission from double clicking Issue #2981585 by PascoDiogo, Mingsong: Add option to allow enable/disable NavLink Download Size md5 hash fullcalendar_view-8.x-2.0-rc9.tar.gz 144.69 KB 22703117ebd3d151f4f46b3944043ad5 153.87 KB 3e98aa82ff2dfc4d4badb2813b02c1af Last updated: 29 Jun[…]

wim 7.x-2.0

Release notes Fixed bugs. Download Size md5 hash wim-7.x-2.0-core.tar.gz 17.21 MB d05a717cc78f34b960aa31f20440227c 21.02 MB e8d2726d6d3dddd9bfcd82c60c0629f1 wim-7.x-2.0-no-core.tar.gz 14.05 MB 6f72dd67a56c2f5ddcaf8bb1072a9858 17.18 MB 6ef457494c70ac60316ea44e448da45b wim-7.x-2.0.tar.gz 3.47 MB e6217d2802a0b8775159ed4e95706014 3.86 MB 99fd05955c8fbffa643547a0754cc78f Last updated: October 19, 2016 – 15:38 Official release from tag:  7.x-2.0 In[…]

wim 7.x-2.x-dev

Download Size md5 hash wim-7.x-2.x-dev-core.tar.gz 17.22 MB 18eb2a02b968ff6545c68abd03e23aec 21.07 MB c012aa66b5149e80c55a4e382ae4cbe8 wim-7.x-2.x-dev-no-core.tar.gz 14.05 MB f2fe87600cccb8816cf030601d32fdfc 17.18 MB d49a917a6c9bfab09e89435e8a7de70c wim-7.x-2.x-dev.tar.gz 3.47 MB 0eebc95fbe17da6b30700028bf04eaac 3.86 MB 1e707d63ae242365c6dd32273ec6d8e8 Last updated: October 19, 2016 – 15:48 Last packaged version: 7.x-2.0+0-dev Development release from branch:  7.x-2.x In[…]

find_people 7.x-1.0

Release notes Complete recommended version for find_people – user search Download Size md5 hash find_people-7.x-1.0.tar.gz 8.45 KB 60388b4b9dc790c16d841c2675ab4693 9.58 KB 6bb70f60bd6fb474d8bc3af2e5427ca6 Last updated: October 19, 2016 – 17:53 Official release from tag:  7.x-1.0 Core compatibility:  7.x View usage statistics for this release Source:[…]

usersnap 8.x-1.1

Release notes 1. – Permission issue causing the widget disappear for non admin user . 2. – Module uninstall throwing error. – D7 left over files cleanup. Download Size md5 hash usersnap-8.x-1.1.tar.gz 11.3 KB 02976ccf1f0fe54703cf1d9abfcd07d0 14.55 KB 66fb56ddac24a40d4b49192c1c47aacd Last updated: October 19,[…]