Drush Migrate

Hi After attempted to migrate with Drupal8 “Migrate UI” (a question “Uprade from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8” is on /support/upgrading Drupal for 8 days), I tried with drush ! I am just starting with drush !! I am using Wamp64. I have in wamp64/www[…]

Submitting a form programatically

I’m trying to create a registration form via a mobile app based on this tutorial http://www.wembassy.com/blog/chris-mcintosh/create-angularjs-headless-dr…. It involves posting the Register form parameters to a custom url and then sumbitting the user registration form using the Form API as follows: $form_state = (new FormState())->setValues($_POST); Drupal::formBuilder()->submitForm(‘DrupaluserRegisterForm’,[…]

Node Create Variables

Hello, I want to create a node programmatically but it’s not working with this code : $autoloader = require_once ‘autoload.php’; $kernel = new DrupalKernel(‘prod’, $autoloader); $request = Request::createFromGlobals(); $response = $kernel->handle($request); $response->send(); $caracteristiques = $bdd3->prepare(“SELECT node.type, node__body.langcode, title, body_value, body_format FROM node, node__body, node_field_data WHERE[…]

Issue 255

Issue 255 – September, 1st 2016 From Our Sponsor Building Drupal 8 Sites with Composer and Configuration Management This webinar will cover the advanced site-building tools and techniques available to Drupal 8 site-builders. We’ll focus on how to build and maintain a Drupal 8 site[…]

Drupal Global Training Day – DrupalDay – Drupal 8 basics

Start:  2016-09-10 10:00 – 15:00 Europe/Warsaw Organizers:  grzegorz.bartman jaro.2801 Event type:  Training (free or commercial) http://www.drupalday.pl/ More details and signup on website http://www.drupalday.pl/ Drupal 8 basics Drupal 8 – modules development basics Location: Poland, Krakow, sw Filipa 23 Location on Google Maps Source: https://groups.drupal.org/node/512931/feed

Latest Drupal 8 install fails

Hello, I have tried to install Drupal 8 but can’t install it as all the V8 builds fail to install with the following error: Additional uncaught exception thrown while handling exception. Original SymfonyComponentRoutingExceptionRouteNotFoundException: Route “<none>” does not exist. in DrupalCoreRoutingRouteProvider->getRouteByName() (line 187 of D:TestcorelibDrupalCoreRoutingRouteProvider.php). DrupalCoreRoutingRouteProvider->getRouteByName(”)[…]

Global training days

Start:  2016-09-10 10:00 – 16:30 Asia/Jakarta Organizers:  fictionindustries Event type:  Training (free or commercial) http://www.outpost-asia.com/event/drupal-global-training-day/ Want to upskill your web development skills? Learn how to use Drupal together with the rest of the world on Drupal Global Training Day! One full day Drupal 8 workshop[…]

Issue 254

Issue 254 – August, 25th 2016 From Our Sponsor Everything You Need to Know About Drupal 8.2 and Beyond In this webinar, Angie “webchick” Byron and Gábor Hojtsy will provide an overview, status update, and roadmap on the Drupal 8 strategic initiatives such as Workflow,[…]

Simply Skeleton

Simply Skeleton is a theme meant to bring the latest version of the Skeleton framework, as unchanged as possible, to a Drupal 8 theme. The goal will be to keep the theme up to date with the latest version of Skeleton. Source: https://drupal.org/project/project_theme/feed/all