zeitgeist 6.x-1.0

Release notes Final D6 version, equivalent to the long-standing dev version. Changes since 3cda85: #986548 by fgm: ZG top block is always empty and logs errors #921288 by fgm: alternate inline display mode for blocks #978362 by fgm: searches from search block (not theme search)[…]

gathercontent 7.x-3.1

Release notes Security problems: We are using Guzzle library as dependency. As followup to SA-CORE-2016-003 we recommend to update Guzzle to version 5.3.1. Update can be done using Composer Manager module. Bugfixes: Issue #2732239 by mirom: Cannot edit template mappings Issue #2734603 by mirom: Provide[…]

Bootstrap Forms

Bootstrap Forms is a parent theme that is based upon the core ‘stable’ theme. Bootstrap Library Installation You will need to install the bootstrap-sass library into the /libraries folder of your drupal installation. You can download the library here. Theme Installation If you are using[…]

Drupal Developer at Johnson & Johnson EMEA Development Center (University of Limerick, Ireland)

The Opportunity       :           Drupal Web Developer The Johnson and Johnson, EMEA Development Centre, are currently seeking Drupal Developers to join our team. We develop, design and deliver high quality business applications, software solutions and services to meet J&J business technology requirements. The offices are newly[…]


I have a developer using drupal to host a site they created. The user received an email informing them there were updates available. The URL in the email is not the site the developer is working on and different than emails received in the past.[…]

Issue 253

Issue 253 – August, 18th 2016 From Our Sponsor The Myth Busting Guide to Agency Growth and Scale Now is the time to grow your digital agency. But if you want a bigger piece of the 20 billion dollar market, you’ll have to dispel some[…]

panels 7.x-3.6

Release notes This release of panels 3.6 brings in mostly bugfixes, and a few minor feature enhancements. It also includes two fixes that resolve the following SA: * Panels – Critical – Multiple Vulnerabilities – SA-CONTRIB-2016-047 All sites are strongly recommended to update to 7.x-3.7[…]

Drupal Global Trainig Day Omsk #3

Start:  2016-09-10 10:30 – 15:00 Asia/Omsk Organizers:  adcillc paych Event type:  Training (free or commercial) drupal-omsk.timepad.ru/event/360107 We know Drupal and we take care to spread the word about it. We build our careers and business with Drupal, we implement that magical drop into different technologies’[…]

Upgrading 7.50

Hello, after upgrading to drupal 7.50 I have solved warning about missing modules but when I go to give the run updates command to update doesn’t work so i cannot update. can you help me? Drupal version:  Drupal 7.x Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/21/feed

Real Estate SEO

I recently built a site in WordPress and am having difficulties integrating structured data. I was told by a friend of mine whose website is built in Drupal that there are significant SEO benefits towards using Drupal. What I’m wondering is if anyone has experience[…]

Issue 252

Issue 252 – August, 11th 2016 From Our Sponsor Why is Your Site Slow? Speed is a feature many clients assume they will get but do not always ask for. In fact, you are more likely to hear your clients ask for features or functionality[…]

google_analytics 8.x-2.1

Release notes See Google Analytics – Moderately Critical – Cross Site Scripting – SA-CONTRIB-2016-042. Issue #159865 by hass, larowlan: add JS snippets for google analytics permission Issue #2765571 by kmbremner: Correct string in admin messages tab Issue #2037595 by hass: Login is required for test[…]

Issue 251

Issue 251 – August, 4th 2016 From Our Sponsor Intranets the Drupal Way! With its customization-friendly technical architecture and wide variety of collaboration and user management tools, Drupal has been proven effective for corporate Intranets of all sizes and industries. But how do you know[…]

Issue 250

Issue 250 – July, 28th 2016 From Our Sponsor If you’re not selling support and maintenance plans to your clients, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG! The vast majority of Drupal shops and freelancers build sites and move on without offering a support and maintenance plan. Are[…]