Go Behind the Scenes

https://medium.com/media/cc4ff9dd0d69b7a9115c6d4ddf81e75f/href Go Behind the Scenes A famous guy once said, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” But he was a grifter. In fact, going behind the scenes — whether it’s a factory tour or cooking show — can be a valuable experience for both visitors and guides.[…]

Opening the Rework Mailbag, Part 1

https://medium.com/media/260959ad697e433a6bdcc051403dab14/href Opening the Rework Mailbag, Part 1 It’s our first mailbag episode! Jason Fried and DHH answer listener questions on topics like the role of luck and timing in starting Basecamp; how they approach pricing (spoiler: It’s something called “ass pricing”); hiring in the early stages[…]