Issue 256

Issue 256 – September, 8th 2016 From Our Sponsor Drupal 8’s Multilingual APIs: Building for the Entire World Drupal 8’s multilingual core offers a robust multilingual foundation, making the integration process much more seamless. The majority of Drupal 8’s APIs are designed to support multilingual[…]

views_filebrowser 7.x-1.2

Release notes * Add * #2796265 by VoidE: Modal is showing wrong theme Download Size md5 hash views_filebrowser-7.x-1.2.tar.gz 96.82 KB f0e7b7b23ee283e6ad2fd6657c1d4dd0 135.7 KB 5bed1f9428882c35992c29117c3ea562 Last updated: September 8, 2016 – 06:58 Official release from tag:  7.x-1.2 Core compatibility:  7.x Release type:  Bug fixes[…]

varbase 8.x-4.0-alpha12

Release notes – Issue #2796897 : Updated [Varbase 8.x-4.x] profile : Updated Drupal to Drupal 8.1.9 – Issue #2796297 by ahmadjd94, RajabNatshah: Updated [Varbase 8.x-4.x] profile: Added the poll module to Varbase 8.x-4.x but it not enabled by default. – Issue #2783821 : [8.x-4.x][Feature] Added[…]

drupal 8.2.0-rc1

Release notes This is a release candidate for the next feature release of Drupal 8. Release candidates are not supported for production sites, but they are intended for widespread testing in preparation for the upcoming stable release. More information on release candidates. This minor release[…]

drupal 8.1.9

Release notes This is a patch release of Drupal 8 and is ready for use on production sites. See the CHANGELOG.txt for an extensive summary of changes and improvements since Drupal 7! Learn more about Drupal 8. This is also the final scheduled patch release[…]

flag 7.x-3.8

Release notes This resolves the following SA: Flag – Moderately Critical – Access Bypass – SA-CONTRIB-2016-050 Changes since 7.x-3.7: Added Views plugin for bookmarks view. #2595079 by omessaoudi: Changed to use token browser popup to improve performance on sites with large number of tokens. #2765309[…]

Latest Drupal 8 install fails

Hello, I have tried to install Drupal 8 but can’t install it as all the V8 builds fail to install with the following error: Additional uncaught exception thrown while handling exception. Original SymfonyComponentRoutingExceptionRouteNotFoundException: Route “<none>” does not exist. in DrupalCoreRoutingRouteProvider->getRouteByName() (line 187 of D:TestcorelibDrupalCoreRoutingRouteProvider.php). DrupalCoreRoutingRouteProvider->getRouteByName(”)[…]

Uikit API

UIKIT API is a feature rich theme using Uikit js/css framework which offers many possibilities. The ultimate goal of this theme is to provide a modular architecture and suite of organized building blocks using all the great features of the UIKIT framework and placing them[…]