Drupal for Higher Ed.

Hello Drupal Community,

Our school is in in higher education and planning to migrate our website(s) onto Drupal. Any community members here who are also in higher education care to share which hosting company they’ve chosen and how that host is working out for the campus?

Of the ~6 hosting providers offered on the Managed Hosting list (https://www.drupal.org/hosting/enterprise) we’ve narrowed it down to 3: Pantheon, Acquia, and BlackMesh. Our campus isn’t currently on Drupal and is fairly new to this. Between new buzz-words of multi-sites, codebases, and Site-Factories, it can get quite daunting. We have an idea of who we’d like to go with but wanted to know how other campuses are satisfied with their decisions and possibly provide any insight as to what to expect down the road.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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