Drupal Hosting in UK/USA

I’m still at the beginning of learning Drupal 8.5 in order to build a database website.
(One hosting representative suggested that I use Drupal 7 than 8.5 – (better using the modules) but I’m less convinced.)
I know that I’m likely to need at least Domain SSL if not ‘extended’ in time.

I want a hosting package that ideally will be good for the longer term, as well in the short term whilst I learn and create the site.
My funds are sadly limited, so this leaves me unable to afford the likes of Acquia, Pantheon…
I see that others are Associates etc and wonder if they are better to go for ?

I’m looking at HostPapa /  Site ground / pipeten/ Go Daddy / 123-reg / 3 Essentials / GreenGeeks… but they all have a large variety of prices and in some case large variety of costs to adding on higher up SSL services later.
Some sound like they have good SSL but I’ve read that sometimes it’s really basic and not all it can appear.

I reckon it will take me many months to create my site, so I see it that I have 2 choices.
Buy a cheap hosting package now (ensuring that it has Drush/Git in order to export my Drupal site once it’s made), and ensure that I can easily move it in a years time or so, once it’s complete (enough).

Some ‘chat’s’ I’ve had with some sales reps, have gone well and with other’s not as well. So no clear winners that way either.

I’m almost going round in circles as to try to decide who to use.
I’ve read other threads about other hosts in Australia and other reports on other sites, but none really help me with this.

I’m unsure too if Cloud hosting packages are better than server based one’s, as some people are saying their service was slow on Cloud vs in-house Servers ?

To summarise, who do you use for Hosting services ?
Do you prefer Cloud or Server based hosting types?
Which hosting companies offer good but not expensive SSL services, or do you buy them in later & from where?
Please & thank you for all help. 🙂

As I couldn’t see any recent answers to this (for UK/USA) I thought I’d tentatively ask on here.

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