Drupal in a day! – Gachibowli


2017-02-26 10:0018:00 Asia/Kolkata

Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

Siva Epari | Assocaite Architect | Tech Aspect | India
Viswanath Sai | Developer |ThoughtWorks Inc. | India
Date: 26th February 2014

Time: 10:00 to 17:00 Duration: 6 hours(+1 hour lunch break)

Venue: Swecha, SVK, Gachibowli.

Fee: Rs. 0/- Free Registraton


Get a solid introduction to Drupal 8 in one day. Learn about the most essential features and concepts of Drupal through hands on activities. By the end of this day you will be familiar with Drupal terminology and be able to identify how Drupal sites are constructed. You will know how to identify and choose modules to get the functionality you need.

By the end of the training you will be able to:

-Configure and set up a basic Drupal site.
-Select, install and configure modules and themes from Drupal.org
-Create content and configure content types, Create listings of content.
-Manage user roles and accounts.
-Manage aliases and URL paths.
-Create blocks and place them in the layout

What is provided:
Discounts in ticket prices for DrupalCamp Hyderabad 2017
Some events provide lunch and refreshments. Check the individual event listings for details.
Participants will receive a printed manual which outlines step-by-step activities.
Depending on venue, participants will either be provided with a sandbox environment in a computer lab, or they will use their own computers.

Who Should Attend
Anyone who is looking for a hands-on introduction on building a Site in Drupal. Developers, Web Designers or Marketing professional looking to build their customer’s Digital assets. Anyone from any level in the industry can get into this course to understand the basics of Drupal and how it can power their Digital Experience.


Not a necessary to know coding!
Passion to build Websites : Mandatory =D

As this is a BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) type session, you need to get your own device and have a server stack like LAMP for Linux or XAMPP for OSX/Windows.

Source: https://groups.drupal.org/node/512931/feed