Drupal Market Place Ranking System

I have few queries on how Drupal Market place ranking and credit system. Please share some insights on these points:

  1. How is the Drupal Market place credit system governed?
  2. How many credit points an organization gets when it submits:
  • Issue Credits
    • Drupal Core Code Patch
    • Contribution Modules
  • Drupal 8 Case Studies
  • Supporting partner status
  • Project Supported
  • Organization members
  • Membership Status
  1. Drupal.Org says Issue credits on more widely used modules carry more weight.  What is the weightage assigned to different Drupal Modules? Please share the details.
  1. How many credit points associated with different Partnership programs/levels:
  • Supporting Partner (Signature, Premium and Classic)
  • Hosting Supporter (Signature, Premium and Classic)
  • Technology Supporter (Signature, Premium and Classic)

Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/2/feed