Drupal migration issues

Hello! I had a problem with updating v7.54 to v7.56 (again apparently) saying there are no database updates of some sort when I go to update.php. Having encountered the same problem twice now, I decided to backup my files and work on it on a WAMP localhost and just reupload the site afterwards. However, when I asked my webmaster to upload the mysqldump I provided him it seems that the version is still stuck at v7.54. There are also modules and themes that were not recognized even though all the files are there in the FTP server. What’s weird is that I tried my mysqldump and imported it on a blank database in my localhost and it worked just like the original (check image below)

Any thoughts on this?
If this is a permissions issue, what should I tell my webmaster to set as permission on the directories and files?

TLDR; I uploaded a 7.56 version of Drupal via my webmaster and it still shows its version 7.54

version comparison of original local site, copied local site and the live site using the same drupal directories and db (here)

Drupal version: 

Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/21/feed