Drupal says “e-mail sent” but I don't receive anything

Dear community,

I’m new in the community, and I configure drupal 7 in my website. Everything is working except the mail notifications. I have:

– SMTP module installed and configured for gmail domain. 

– Rules module installed and configured to send e-mails.

– e-mail in site-information is the same that in SMTP module. 

When I send a test e-mail through the option in smtp module, the email is sent and received. I also put in “E-mail address to reroute all emails to” (SMTP module) an email (example: [email protected]) to re-send all the emails.

When I register a new user, I use the default template to register users, with the options checked for the e-mails. When the process is finished, drupal says “email sent” but any e-mail is received by the user. However, this email is received by the account I put in smtp module. I thought the problem was because the receiver has some firewall, so i changed the e-mail and I created a new user with the same account that the one all the emails were rerouted to.  Same results, no e-mail was sent to this account. I also put the e-mail account of different users in the smtp module to reroute all the e-mails, and that worked, the mails were received by the users, so I’m pretty sure the problem is with some drupal configuration.

I also tested the Rules module to send the e-mails, just in case it was a problem with the default module for registering users. Same results, the module says “email succesfully sent”, but I didnt receive any e-mail. 

I don’t know what else to do to solve the issue, any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Drupal version: 

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