Pixeldust Saves the Day With “On Demand” Drupal Support

Pop quiz hotshot! You just learned that your wadget just went viral because Justin Bieber got arrested while using it in a school zone and your site URL is now burning across every social media outlet in the Matrix. You check the load time, just for peace of mind, and get the dreaded Drupal white screen of death. What do you do? What do you do?!?

Okay, maybe the Keanu Reeves movie references were a little forced, but you get the picture. Sometimes, things fall apart when you are least prepared. Not everyone has a Drupal team on standby waiting for the next great disaster, but fear not, Pixeldust is here to save the day.

Pixeldust Offers Full Service Drupal Support

support-The keys to our Drupal support are to provide 24/7 availability, quick response times, seamless integration into existing development workflows. Try to eliminate any division between your team and our team, seamless and painless.

Service Level Agreement

Because we recognize that a Drupal website is living and growing entity, we place a great deal of emphasis on support. In doing so, we offer for different service level agreement options:

  • Highest level SLA guarantees availability 24/7, with 1-4 hour response time, average resolution time of one day.

On Demand Drupal Support
We understand that problems pop-up and you need help immediately, but may not need a long term support contract. To help in these situations, Pixeldust has launched a pay as you go service that allows new and existing clients to receive Drupal related support without a contract. WE are calling this our On Demand Drupal Support. For this service we bill in 15 minute increments and provide the same full service support based on availability. If you are interested in this service you can use our Drupal chat below to discuss your support needs.

Support Services Include

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[accordion_item title=”Module Development”]Already have a site but have a need for a new module to increase your site’s functionality? We can add this for you or create a custom module to suit your needs. Having trouble with an existing custom module? We can fix it.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Module & Security Updates”]As developers of the modules used in Drupal make enhancements, updates are released and recommended on your site. In addition to these Module updates, there are also security updates. These are especially important if you are running e-commerce on your Drupal website to ensure your site stays safe from hackers. If not kept up to date, your site become more and more vulnerable and susceptible to intrusion.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Drupal Commerce Support”]If your site currently has commerce integration, we can assist in adding additional functionality or fixing any issues that may occur. Or if you are contemplating adding a store to your site, we can assist in helping to not only get it set up but also in making sure you are using the best solutions for your individual needs.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Bug Fixes”]Our Support team can quickly troubleshoot issues and provide quick solutions. Through years of experience they have countered many issues and overcome many ways of solving problems in the Drupal platform.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Administration Problems”]Is your site confusing or hard to administer? We can smooth out issues related to administration workflow, content types, blocks, rules, views and other Drupal tools.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Theme Changes”]We can help give your site a new theme or make small adjustments based on your needs.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Site Performance”]Is your site experiencing slow downs? We can perform an audit on your site to determine factors that contribute to the poor response time of the site. We then will offer recommendations to speed up the response time of initial and subsequent page loads.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Hosting Consulting”]Need to get your Drupal site set up with a hosting company? Or perhaps you aren’t sure if your current hosting provider is the best option for you. Speak with one of our experienced server professionals and learn about other options that may be more suited for your needs. This can help increase your performance, retention, security, and save your business money.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Training”]We offer varied levels of training based on your teams needs. We can do training remotely via webcasts, videos, Q&A sessions etc. We also offer onsite training for a more personal approach. This allows us to customize the material based on the knowledge level and needs of the individuals or groups. With this option, we will teach the theory along with a demonstration and then let the team try it on their own.[/accordion_item]

We strive to seamlessly integrate our support with your development workflows.
We understand that everyone has a workflow that works for them and they are not all the same. With this in mind we work to integrate our services into your existing development workflow, including using your issue tracking or project management systems when necessary.

Got a Drupal problem? Try our Drupal Support Chat for some quick help!