Drupal the right software for my data managment project?

Hello Drupal community,

I am starting to create an application which is designed to manage data for companies selling mainly outdoor day trips (e.g. hikes, rafting etc). The application at the moment is a project purely for myself to get back into IT, as I studied computer science and did quite some PHP programming but stopped 8 years ago and joined the outdoor tour guiding business.
So now I want to get back into web programming using modern technologies like REST/AJAX and a modern software/framework which saves me a lot of work 🙂

Ok, so my project is building a data management website for outdoor tours. This means:
– The application is a backend application only (some frontend for guides and partners could be provided later)
– The views will show a lot forms to rapidly change the data
– Any page will be accessible only to logged in admins

 The 4 main data parts in my model at the moment are:
– the tours
– guides to guide the tours
– groups in which people book the tours
– guests belonging to these groups

Later on, online booking could be integrated, so that a code snippet is integrated into an existing website.

To give you an idea of what the application should do, I made uploaded 4 screen designs that show how the main data types could be managed. Please don’t look at the HTML/CSS code, its ugly, only meant to show the functionality.


As you can see, lots of forms.

There is quite some m:n relations in there:
– A Tour can have several groups, a group can belong to several tours
– A group can have several guests, a guest can belong to several groups
– A guide can have several tours, a tour can have serveral guides

Also, filtering/searching the lists, especially the tour list. In a real live company with around 700 tours a year and 5000 guests a year, this function would be vital.

I hope you understand what this application is about. And I have some questions of course 🙂

1) Do you think Drupal is the best solution for this? Or can you think of an easier/quicker way to achieve this functionality?
I also have the PHP Framework Yii in mind.

2) There surely is some functionality I want already available in Drupal and its modules. Some things I am particularly curious about:
– managing the m:n relations
– updating the data on the server the “modern” way (REST/AJAX)
– updating the data viewed on the page after changing it without reloading the page (using REST/AJAX)

I would really appreciate if you could provide some thoughts, reccources I should read etc.

Best regards

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